After Ideas For Summer Fun? Get Out To The Garden!

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Any parent will tell you that the summer holidays are the longest weeks of the year. It’s wonderful having the children home. But, when they get bored, things go downhill fast. You probably already have day trips planned, but you won’t be able to take them somewhere new each day. Yet, on those days at home, you won’t want them locked in their rooms. Children need fresh air and sunlight. Heck; we all do! Getting kids to leave the house when they have no real reason to is far from an easy task. Here are a few ways you can tempt them towards the great outdoors.

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The more fun you make your garden, the more time your kids will want to spend there. A blank patch of grass which offers nothing to do isn’t the way forward. Would you want to go and play on that if you were them? Nope. Didn’t think so. Instead, buy some treats which make it a fun place to be. Sports activities are always a good bet. Plus, they ensure your kids get exercise while they’re outside. It’s win, win. You could even invest in something like the Intex family lounge pool. If you do, make sure to use it together. Kids generally thrive when the whole family is together. So, take the opportunity to have a soak when you’re all there. It’ll be fun for the entire family. If it goes down well, you could even consider installing a pool of your own for next year!


Once you have the kids outside, it’s important to peak their interest in nature. This is, ultimately, what will get them back outside time and again. This is easier when you have small children, but it’s possible at any age with a little work. Point out nature around you. Show your kids bugs and flowers. Find out some facts that you can pass down to them. Of course, the more varied the nature available, the more fun the exploration will be. It may be worth planting exotic flowers to introduce the kids to. You could even add additions like bird feeders and bee hives. That way, you can ensure there will always be a fun array of options to explore.

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Another fantastic way to make the garden appealing is to invite guests round. Garden parties are sure to tempt children from their dens. You could throw a barbecue, or simply have some drinks with friends outside. If they have children, they can bring them along. The party would likely have attracted your children anyway. But, they’ll enjoy it even more if there’s someone for them to play with. Everyone could get involved with those sports games you bought. This is a cheap, easy way to give your kids the fresh air they need. And, you can get stuck in and have fun too. You’ll need the adult company after all that time with children!

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