17 Outdoor Activities For Your Family To Indulge In This Summer

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When it comes to the summer months, there’s nothing quite like getting outside and making the most of the sunshine with your family. During the winter, you don’t always feel like going outside. When the weather is a lot harder and the nights draw in, you prefer to all cozy up inside instead. But during the middle months of the year, getting outside and enjoying nature can be a whole lot of fun.

With summer break, it’s often great to be able to have a bunch of activities in mind for the entire family. Whether you want to be able to spend some quality time with your kids outside, or you want to be able to spend weekends together as an entire family, you often need a go-to list of things to do so that you’re not stuck spending time on what to do. Combining great free resources, ways to enjoy your local area more, and even some more adventurous ideas, this list of seventeen outdoor activities ideas should give you the inspiration you need to indulge in getting out and about with your family this summer.

Take Inside Activities Outside

There are a lot of things that we become accustomed to enjoying inside. But when the weather is beautiful, and you want to be out enjoying it, it makes a lot more sense to be able to take those things you enjoy and do them outside too. Whether you love to read or your kids love to paint, head outside with a blanket and enjoy your activities out on the lawn or patio instead.

Have A Picnic

Then, you’ve always got the classic idea of having a picnic outside. During the summer, there’s nothing quite like enjoying a light lunch out in the garden. So, instead of heading in and eating your dinner indoors, why not prepare a fun picnic and eat it outside instead? With sandwiches and fruits, it’s an easy way to enjoy the summer more. You could even invite your neighbors or their children over to enjoy it with you.

Go Camping

When you get a day or two with the entire family together, you might like to think about go camping. Camping is great for kids, and it’s also an amazing way to give yourself some headspace too. When you’ve got everything together, head somewhere local or out into the woods and enjoy some one on one time with mother nature, making s’mores and warming yourself around a campfire.

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Play Games

Your kids often need entertaining, especially if they’re young. So, you may want to have a list of games up your sleeve for when the moment calls. There are so many different outdoor games that you could play, and some require no preparation at all. You could always put game names into a hat and draw, or allow each kid to pick a game each day. These ideas like lawn twister, giant Jenga or yard dominos should prove to be a lot of fun for the whole family.

Look For Bugs

Next up, you could also think about getting out into the garden or your surrounding area and looking for different bugs. It can be an activity that takes up minutes or hours, depending on what kind of time you want to fill. With naming different bugs or seeing how many you can collect, looking for bugs can be endless amounts of fun.

Start A Lemonade Stand

There’s also a good old fashioned lemonade stand idea to try out. But, if you’re looking to be healthy and you don’t want to add all of that sugar, you could go with alternative drink ideas. With smoothies or juices and even detox drinks, you could offer fun refreshment ideas for the folks in your neighborhood that both children and adults will enjoy.

Go Fishing

If you have kids that love to go on an adventure and partake in active activities, then you may want to consider fishing as one of your outdoor ideas. Fishing can be a great way to get out into nature, spend time away from screens and also bond. By heading to a local river or lake, you get to enjoy some peace and quite, and enjoy teaching your kids a few new skills. You may even catch a trout to serve for dinner!

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Go On A Hike

If your kids would love the idea of fishing, you may want to give hiking a go too. Hiking is a great way to get in a lot of exercise and enjoy a fun day out. Whether you have to drive a little while, or you live next to a great countryside or mountainous area, you should all find that hiking is a fun day out. Pack some food, take your camera, and enjoy getting lost in nature for a while.

Build A Fort

As another backyard based idea, why not think about building a fort? Building forts can be a lot of fun indoors, but that fun can be supersized when you take it outside. By using old materials or anything that you have stored away in the back of your garage, your could have a lot of fun with building a makeshift den, pirate ship, or even a treehouse.

Dine Al Fresco

And what could be better in summer that taking up every chance you get to dine al fresco? When the weather is warm, nothing quite beats eating outside. So, be sure to fire up the grill, work on some flavorful meals and start barbecuing your way to food heaven. Even when you’ve run out of recipes, eating outside never gets tired in summer.

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Start A Vegetable Patch

If you want an activity that can last a long time, why not think about starting to grow fruits and vegetables? You may need to start this early, or head out to buy pre-planted seeds, but growing, nurturing and picking your own fruits and vegetables can be a lot of fun for kids. Then can check on the progress daily and even enjoy cooking with (and then eating) what they’ve growing.

Have A Backyard Movie Night

When you love to watch movies as a family, it seems a shame to head indoors after a fun-filled day out in the sun to enjoy a movie that you’ve all been looking forwards to. But, who says you have to? You could always build a movie screen in your backyard, grab some blankets and cushions and enjoy watching your movie underneath the stars.

Go Swimming

And then you always have the option to go swimming. If you live near to a swimming center, you could always head out to enjoy a splash around in the pool, but you may enjoy it more if you can head to a nearby lake. That way, your fun can still be outdoors, and you get to enjoy the more natural side to swimming. Plus, you may even be able to make the most of any watersports that are on offer too.

Create A Scavenger Hunt

Another idea that is sure to keep your kids entertained for hours is the idea of creating a kind of treasure hunt in your yard or even around the neighborhood. This could be something you do on a small scale, or even with other parents around the area. There are so many ways that you can make a scavenger hunt fun, and you may also find that the prep you do is a lot of fun for you to enjoy too.

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Get In Some Culture

If you want to try and give your kids a well-rounded summer, you may also want to think about heading out to some local attractions too. Now, you may have been to all of the fun parks before, and even the zoo, but what about places like local museum, galleries or even historical sites? This can be an extra special idea if you have kids that are interested in history.

Play Sports

Or maybe your kids are more into sports? When that’s the case, you’re going to want to make sure that your summer is full of a lot of sporting fun. The trick is to find games that everyone can enjoy – even you. There are so many outdoor sports for kids to consider, but often softball and soccer can be all inclusive, easy to organize and a lot of fun to play as a family too. You may also want to head out to watch local teams play too.

Go On An Outdoors Vacation

And finally, if you’re planning on heading on vacation this summer, why not making it an outdoors themed one too? If your entire family loves to spend time outside, it’s a perfect way to make the most of your summer. There are so many different family vacation ideas to consider for this, but some of the best could involve heading out into the wilderness, going on a watersports vacation, or even heading on a road trip to somewhere you’ve never been before.

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