3 Great Ideas For Gardens With No Grass!

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These days, lots of people have gardens without grass. Sometimes, the reason for this is because they don’t want to deal with lawn maintenance. Other times, it’s simply because they’ve inherited a garden that didn’t have grass in it.

Either way, you might think your options are limited without a grassy garden. However, there are still many great ideas to help you design a beautiful and colorful garden. Below, you will find some of the best ideas:

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Grow Gorgeous Plants

A lot of people think they can’t grow anything if they don’t have any grass. Grass has soil, which is the basis for plant growth, right? While this is sort of true, there are ways you can grow gorgeous green plants without needing grass.

Firstly, you can get yourself some plant/flower pots and fill them with soil then plant your things in there. It’s the exact same concept, you just use pre-bought soil instead of soil from underground. Secondly, you could put together a DIY hydroponics system to grow plants without soil. Either way is very effective at brightening up your back garden and helping to bring some added color and greenness to a grassless backyard.

Install A Perfect Patio

A patio is a perfect idea for someone with a garden that has no grass. It’s a lovely way to enhance the way it looks while also bringing some practical benefits to the area too. You see, a patio can be used as an outdoor entertainment area. It’s ideal to place some tables and chairs on or have yourself a nice BBQ in the summer.

What’s more, a patio is a better alternative to decking. Decking may be quite cheap, but it’s harder to maintain and can become a haven for rodents. A patio is easy to clean, easy to install, and will last a very long time too. Plus, there are so many different designs and varieties you can consider too. It’s a really great idea if you want to have a gorgeous garden, and proves you don’t necessarily need grass.

Pebbles & Stones Are Brilliant

If your garden doesn’t have any grass, then you need something to fill up the space that grass would usually vacate. Some of this can be done with a patio, but the rest should be done with pebbles and stones. They’re a really brilliant way of creating the perfect garden and prove that you don’t need grass to have a gorgeous backyard.

They create a really contemporary look in your garden and can be complemented by some patio tiles too. This is an idea a lot of people roll with, they create a pathway using patio tiles with pebbles and stones neatly packed all around them. Again, there are different colored pebbles/stones, different sized ones, different styles – you can choose one that suits your style!

On that note, we’ve reached the end of this piece! Hopefully, it’s shown you that you don’t need grass to have a great garden. So, if you’re in a situation where you can’t have a grassy garden, or simply don’t want one, you now know there are plenty of great ideas anyway.

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