All under $3! Say what??


Woohoo I’m at it again. =) Couponing that is! 😉 I get so busy with everything else that sometimes I don’t have the time to share my trip. Last week though was a smaller trip but was AMAZING and I knew I had to share this one. =)

All that is pictured above cost me only $2.83 Out of pocket! Crazy huh? Considering the regular price was almost $27!

How I did it: I received a Staples coupon in the mail which normally I never really look at but this one was save $10 on a purchase of $10 or more in store, restrictions apply of course but knowing our toilet paper stash was getting low I knew what I would go after. The Charmin was $9.99 a penny away from what I needed to spend so I found a pack of nice pens that were normally $5 marked down to $1. Making my OOP price $1.10. =)

The toothbrushes were absolutely FREE at Wal-mart using a coupon that came out in the local paper for saving $1 off any Firefly Product. I had been picking up Free items at the Dollar Tree but they have been sold out everywhere and I was surprised to find that one lonely package at Wal-mart.

The Salads and Pictsweet veggies trip at Shaws was awesome! The salads were on sale for .88/each and I used a coupon for $1 off of 2 making them .76 for both! The Pictsweet veggies are on sale this whole month for $1.25 a package. I have been waiting for these to go on sell to use coupons I got months ago for .50/each making them only .25 a bag! The total at Shaws was $1.73.

This may be my best trip yet.

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