4×3 Runner Digital Pedometer by Ozeri Review


A special thanks to Ozeri for providing me a Pedometer to review on my blog. =)

Health and Wellness is an important aspect in everyone’s life. Having and setting goals is just as important so you know what you have done and how much more you need to do to get to that goal. With the 4×3 runner Digital Pedometer by Ozeri it makes it easy with just a push of a button!


We were sent the 4×3 runner Digital Pedometer by Ozeri for review. Right from the start I was very impressed! Usually I get confused with electronic items but setting it up was very simple and the directions are well written. I have been on a “weight loss journey” this year and thought this would be great to use while we take walks as a family or wear around the house to count the steps I take each day to help keep me on my feet. 😉 I really love the color to this and it is very well made, some pedometers are flimsy and cheap, this one is not. =) One of my favorite features is it holds up to 1 millions steps!  It seems very accurate and overall it’s a great product. I love the Tri-axis technology because no matter how it sits whether it is on my arm, on my waistband or in my pocket it’s still reads correctly.

The Digital Pedometer’s features include:

  • World’s most versatile pedometer- features dual walking and running modes
  • Tracks your progress towards daily exercise goals
  • New 3D smart sensor ensures total accuracy
  • Tri-axis Technology works in any position
  • Counts up to 1 million steps!
  • Tracks your steps, speed, distance, calories & fat burned
  • 30 Day memory
  • Clock and Exercise Timer
  • Auto Sleep mode
  • Sleek Profile fits in any pocket
  • Includes Lanyard, Belt Clip and Lithium Battery

I am very glad I was able to review such a great product. We highly recommend the 4×3 runner Digital Pedometer by Ozeri. Want to own one yourself? 😉 You can find them for purchase by clicking HERE.

Thanks for stopping by! =)

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  • Josh

    I love the Ozeri models. They are cheaper than some great pedometers, but still track all of the same stuff such as you listed above, and are extremely accurate. Designed for more active individuals, more so for racers, they are still great pedometers for any individual with their Tri-axis technology. You can also check out a few more at my website.

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