5 Steps To Overcome The Dreaded Weight Loss Plateau

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On any weight loss journey, there comes a time when there is a bit of a plateau. It might be from you, as you become bored with the routine of dieting, or that you have been in such a routine, that your body gets used to what you are doing. Often as you want to get rid of those last ten pounds, then things can start to slow down a little. But don’t get disheartened; there are plenty of things that you can do to help and give your weight loss a boost. Here are some top tips to help.

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Adjust Your Calorie Intake

As you lose weight, and if you have had a lot of weight to lose, then your body will get used to what it is consuming. Plus, the number of calories you started out consuming will differ from the number of calories you now need as you are lighter. So make sure that after every ten pounds or so, you have adjusted the number of calories that you consume.

Improve Quality of Calories

You can buy all sorts of processed ‘diet’ foods on the market, which are calorie controlled and meant to work wonders. But you get to a certain point where these foods are no good. Instead, focus on having whole foods, and getting your calories from fruit, grains, and vegetables. Natural foods that are high in fiber and full of lean protein are the way to go.

Mix Up Your Exercise

Exercise and working out can certainly be a bit of a love and hate thing. Sometimes you can really love it; other times you can really hate it. So the key thing to keep things alive and to make sure that you actually want to carry on working out is to mix it up from time to time. If you normally do cardio, throw in some weight training. If you normally do a Zumba class, try a HIIT workout instead (high-intensity interval training) for a real boost. There are platforms and programs that you can follow online too, such as Thirty Day Shred or Flat Belly Overnight. You could look at this review of Flat Belly Overnight from defendyourhealthcare.us if you’re not sure if it is right for you. You want to be doing something that will benefit you, as well as something that you will enjoy.

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Drink Lots of Fluids

There is one thing that all diet programs have in common, and that is that you need to be well hydrated and drink a lot of fluids. Of course, water is the best to stock up on. But you can have things like green tea, hot water with lemon, and fruit or chia water for a change too. Obviously, have more when you exercise. Staying well hydrated is best for your energy and weight loss levels.


It is proven that people that sleep better weigh less. So if you’re in a rut, could sleep be to blame? Your body needs that time to restore and get your hormones in check. So look for ways to help you to sleep better, and your body will be thanking you for it.

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