5 Ways to Keep Off Winter Weight

As the temperatures drop, and we cover up in our jeans and sweatshirts, it is easy to lose track of what we are eating and how many calories we are consuming. Then come springtime, we’re surprised to see a bigger number on the scale. Prevention can be even more difficult with all the holiday get-togethers and relatives begging you to try their recipes. But setting good habits now is a key factor in making sure we maintain weight during the most festive season

Early to Rise…

When the sun sets earlier in the day, it’s easy to come home and immediately feel the urge to put on your pajama pants. To combat these sedentary tendencies, set your alarm an hour earlier than you normally would, and use that time to take a morning walk. This will not only wake you up, but it’ll boost your metabolism for the rest of the day as well.

Indoor Gyms Are Your Friend

As the weather gets colder, it gets harder to motivate yourself to get active. But even if outdoor workouts aren’t an option, you can still make the most of your interior space. You don’t even need to put down the cash to join a gym – you can create your own personal exercise room in the comfort of your home!

Use free weights and online tutorials to strength train a few times a week. Between weight days, practice yoga to clear your mind and increase flexibility. Without the hassle of leaving your house, you’ll have no excuse not to break a sweat!


Cooler temperatures make a difference when you’re not trying to cool down. And when your body isn’t getting the hydration it needs, it tricks your brain into sending off hunger signals, leading to overeating. Plus, hot beverages, such as high-calorie lattes and hot chocolate, become the go-to option for many people. Add on a pastry, and you’ve likely tacked on 400-600 extra calories to your daily count!

So, remember to keep a bottle of water around at all times to sip on throughout the day. Just because you’re not feeling overheated doesn’t mean hydration should take a backseat.

 Have a Healthy Snack Before Those Parties

During the winter, it seems almost overwhelming to find the time to attend every holiday party you’re invited to. And at each one, we find ourselves standing in front of a table filled to the brim with cookies, cakes, and desserts.

The solution? Never, I repeat, never go to a party on an empty stomach! If your belly is growling on the way, you’ll only end up gorging yourself at the food table and leaving with an upset stomach and regrets. Either eat a healthy snack full of fiber and protein, or if you are attending a social gathering straight after work, have a small dinner prepared before you go. Now, when you arrive, you should exercise more moderation when loading your plate. Bon appetit!

Drink Responsibly

More often than not, alcoholic drinks consist of empty calories, meaning that none of it is doing you any good. And just like sugary treats, most gatherings and parties will have at least a bottle of wine present.

A good way to keep your calories under control is to limit yourself to one drink; if you know you want a glass of wine with dinner, for instance, skip the pre-dinner drinks and wait until food is served before pouring a glass. The rest of the time, keep hydrated with regular glasses of water. 

Winter might be the worst time of year when it comes to weight gain, but it doesn’t have to be. Keeping your goals in sight and sticking to your good habits will ensure a leaner, healthier you by springtime.

Brent Frayser is a contributing writer and media relations specialist for Orangetheory Fitness. He writes for a variety of health and lifestyle blogs. In his spare time, he takes special interest in researching methods for achieving optimal fitness goals.

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