78% Savings! My best trip yet; I think! ;)


Hey everyone! It’s been a little while since I have blogged about any of my couponing shopping trips. I’ve still been shopping but have been so busy I haven’t had a chance to share them with you. I was pretty proud of my trip yesterday and thought I’m definitely posting this one. =)

Long story short I was able to purchase $96.58 worth of groceries for $21.05! Making it a savings of 78%.  How did I do it?

Saving Star and Checkout 51 were used along with coupons to make this happen. If you haven’t heard of Saving Star you really should check It out. Saving Star is my favorite app to use. You don’t even have to have a cell to use it, you can track your savings online. Checkout 51 is a mobile app and you upload receipts of certain products to get money back. The only thing I dont’ like about checkout 51 is you have to wait until you reach $20 until payout which can take some time.

My purchase included:

  • 4 Mrs. Smith’s Pies that were on a 3 day sale for $1.99. I had 4 coupons that doubled to $1.00 off of each so final price was .99 each!
  • Essential everyday Pizza $2.49 used a EE weekly coupon for $1.00 and payed $1.49.
  • Essential Everyday Garlic Bread on sale for $1.79 used a EE weekly coupon for $1 off making it only .79!
  • 2 Packages of Perdue chicken nuggets were BOGO this week so got two packages for $3.99 for both!
  • 2 Large Fresh Express Salads- I had 2 coupons for FREE product so these were absolutely FREE.
  • 3 packages of Viva everday price $1.99 each. Used 3 coupons worth .75 which doubled making them .49 a roll!
  • 6 cans of Pillsbury jr rolls on sale for 10/$10 used 2 coupons for $1 off of 3, making them .66 each.
  • 1 Oikos Greek Yogurt- This was a FRIDAY FREEBIE through Saving Star- Every Friday they list a freebie, you pay for it that day but you get it back making it FREE.
  • Kosher Salt $1.29 had a printable coupon for Coupon.com for .50 off which doubled making it .29!
  • 4 Prego Alfredo Sauce on sale for 2.00 each. Used 4 .75 off coupons which doubled making them only .50 each!
  • 4 boxes of Crackers; on sale for $1.99 each. Used 4 $1.00 of each but also used 2 store coupons from the Shaws Monopoly game making 2 of the boxes only .74 each the other 2 boxes .99 each.
  • The Purex detergent was on sale for $3.49 and the Renuzits on sale for $1 each. I did not have coupons for these items but the reason behind buying them was I only needed to spend $5.02 more on Henkel products through Saving Star to make $5 back. 😉

I paid $28.45 out of pocket with a savings at Shaws of 71%. I am getting back $6.40 from Saving Star ($5 for the Henkels products, $1 for the yogurt and .40 for buying the rolls) and $1.00 back from Checkout 51 from buying a box of Triscuits. Final price for everything $21.05 with the savings of 78%! =)

That was one of my favorite trips. =)

Thanks for visiting WEMAKE7! =)


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