So today I decided to make a little bit of homemade baby food for my little man. About every 2 weeks I go to the grocery store and pick up as much organic fruits and veggies I can find that they have that day.  I make everything in one day so it’s all done for those 2 weeks. It does take some time but it’s soo worth knowing your little one is eating something you made and you know EXACTLY what is in it. 🙂 When we are out or in a rush we use Ellas Kitchen organic food pouches. With apples, pears, and peaches I peel the skins off then steam them. With bananas and avocados theres no prep for those except getting rid of the skin of course 😉 With broccoli, asparagus, carrots, green beans and peas I steam those as well.. With regular potatoes and sweet potatoes I bake those. He’s only 8 1/2 months so we haven’t ventured into a whole lot of other foods yet but will be soon. To mix it up a bit I add two different flavors together so he doesn’t get bored with one food. I use the baby bullet because I had seen it on tv and stores when I was pregnant and had to try it! I love the silicone covered freezer tray and the cute little containers that have dials so you know exactly when you made the food. Im not at all thrilled with the baby bullet itself, sometimes it doesn’t seem to work too well but at least it’s doing the job.  I also use green sprouts freezer trays as well because I make a lot and needed more ways to store. When I make something that my son is going to eat that day I usually mix the food with breastmilk while I am pureeing it. The other times I add water to the mix to get it to the right consistency.. I take pride in making his food, I love him so much and so happy when I take his food out of the fridge or freezer and know that I made what’s in the container… 🙂

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