A crappy beginning that turned into a great ending..

weight loss, goals, weight, dieting, 2016Hey everyone! How was your week? My week started out really bad. I can’t remember which night but I think it was Friday night my husband said the word pizza. Pizza was one of our biggest downfalls and one of his favorite foods. After contemplating for an hour or so since we hadn’t eaten take out for 5 weeks at this point and said we were not going to eat that food anymore we decided that there was nothing wrong with splurging on a few slices of pizza and nothing more than that.

Well big mistake! As soon as I ate the pizza my stomach hurt really bad. I did exercise that evening and in the middle of the night I had projectile vomiting and was sick for 24 hours or so. I don’t know if I got food poisoning or not or just happened to get a flu bug for a day but that experience made me realize that it was not worth it at all. From now on we are sticking to our homemade right from scratch pizza.

I was able to exercise a little this past week. My knee has still been bothering me though because I think I did something to it while exercising last week. My OMT doctor wants me to do some PT to make sure things are okay considering my history of arthritis, etc. I have been still exercising when I can but just taking it easy.

Our weight loss for week 6 was 5 lb lost for me and 3 lb lost for my husband. Total weight loss for me is 23 lbs and 7 lbs for my husband. A total weight loss of 30 lbs for the both of us. I have to be honest though even though I have lost 23 lbs I can’t figure out where I have lost it at. I do think my face has gotten thinner and my rings on my fingers are not tight anymore but still a little shocked that I don’t feel it in my clothes. I know eventually though it will start to show. =)

Thanks for stopping by and checking out how we did this week.

Come back and visit soon. =)

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  • Cara (@StylishGeek)

    I salute you in your weight loss goals and trying to get into the path of a healthier lifestyle. I was really good at this in January, but my focus slipped this month. But with Spring heading our way I am motivated again to try the excess weight!

  • Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

    Have you also been having your cholesterol numbers run during this time? While you say you don’t see it yet visually, your bad cholesterol numbers may be down and that is as if not more important than the outward signs! Keep up the good work!

  • Claudia Krusch

    It sounds great! I’m working on losing weight too! Any progress for me is a great sign!

  • Shannon Gurnee

    You’re doing a great job on your weight loss journey girl. Keep working on it.

  • Maggie Branch

    I am so proud of you for your dedication and results! Sometimes a splurge is OK but it’s great you got back on the exercise wagon!

  • Chrystal | Nevermore Lane

    You two are rocking this weight loss plan. It is such an awesome thing to watch and read about as the weeks go on.

  • Terri Beavers

    I’m so sorry you got sick. I haven’t been sick in forever but the times I was sick, I always blamed it on the foods and couldn’t eat them any more.

  • Ashley

    Congratulations on your weight loss! That’s such a tough journey and it’s so hard to keep going at times! Hope it continues to go well

  • Kelli @ 3 Boys and a Dog

    Thats awful! Hopefully you recover quickly! There’s nothing worse than catching a bug right at the time of eating take out and not knowing if it was an illness or bad food. But it will sure turn you off of it quick! Keep powering through!

  • Kathy

    That’s great to hear you guys are still losing weight. Pizza is one of my down falls as well. The good thing is there are many veggie pizzas that you can make and they taste great too.

  • Chubskulit Rose

    It will show, just be patient. I think your body is starting to reject pizza so that’s one cue.

  • Rebecca Swenor

    Wow that would make anyone not want to stray and to stick to homemade pizza for sure. It is awesome that you are both doing so well. I know when I loose weight it shows in my face first. Thanks for sharing your journey and keep up the great work.

  • Ourfamilyworld

    You are doing a great job. Just keep on going and pretty soon the results will be more noticeable.

  • Miles L.

    Sounds like a terrible experience. Thankfully, I haven’t experience food poisoning. As much as possible, let’s stick with homemade food.

  • Ann Bacciaglia

    23 pounds is an amazing loss. I would cave in if i had pizza in front of me. I have been doing well eating healthier and have lost 16 pounds so far.

  • Emily

    Great work! My boyfriend & I changed our eating habits and started working out in July. He started out much bigger than me but to date he’s lost over 50 pounds and I have lost 15.

    For us we’ve realized that we can’t just say we will never again eat our favorite (bad) foods. For us one of those foods we can’t just completely give up is pizza. So we have tried a lot of products to find alternatives that make our foods lower in calorie while still ‘hitting the spot’. Of course, it’s not going to be the same as ordering pizza from your takeout but we’ve found a way to make homemade pizza that tastes good to us and is reasonable calorie-wise. The biggest secret is using less cheese and a good low calorie crust. We really like ‘flatout’ brand pizza crust which is 120 per pizza and they’re big enough for 2 people so 60 calories per person for the crust. Then we use a little cheese, a low calorie sauce and turkey pepperoni. If you’ve tried turkey pepperoni before and thought it was gross try other brands – I can’t think of our favorite brand offhand but we’ve tried a few and they are not all the same.

  • Heather lawrence

    Nicely done!! If it was my husband and myself those numbers would be the other way around. He looses weight like crazy and I have to fight like hell to loose anything.
    I’m glad that your week turned out well! Hope this week is fabulous 🙂

  • Jeanette

    I’m sorry your week started so bad. I think as your body starts to get used to better foods it rejects the bad stuff so it could’ve been just that. Who knows it could’ve been food poisoning to kind of sounds like that also.

  • Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    You’ll start feeling it eventually. If you can see it, you’re on your way!

  • Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    23 pounds is awesome. I am sure it’s a little bit all over, which is why you don’t know where it came from 🙂

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