Au Fait Mama breastfeeding apparel; A must have for any expecting mommy and beyond


AU FAIT MAMA breastfeeding apparel is a must have for any expectant mommy and beyond. Created by a Mother named Joshana she knows that we always put our little babes first. At the same time though she created clothing that would help us mothers nurture ourselves along the way by helping us look and feel good.

I’m a momma of 5 and always have breastfed my babies right from the start. With my four oldest I had never heard of covers or nursing shirts at all, which meant I rarely went out!  With my youngest son I am very determined that I am going to nurse him as long as we both can. This time is different and I have no problem going out in public breastfeeding him. Even though I have been nursing him while we are not at home there is still some troubles we face while trying to nurse. Those troubles being having to try to lift half of my shirt up for him to get to my breast or wearing clothing that I have to unbutton. No baby wants to wait for their mommies milk 😀 

If you’re looking for a great way to nurse your baby in comfort and style than AU FAIT MAMA is for you! They have beautiful apparel which consists of the Foster breastfeeding scarf which can be worn as a scarf or a nursing cover, the Nature Tank, Nourish long sleeve t-shirt and the Nurture t-shirt. They come in a beautiful assortment of colors to choose for you own style.



  • Nursing access: Pull down style neckline that allows for easy access to the breast while returning to its original shape time and time again.
  • Discrete Design: No one will know you’re wearing a breastfeeding top except you and your baby.
  • Bamboo Jersey Fabric: Sustainable, hypoallergenic antibacterial and breathable.
  • Long Body: Covers postpartum stomach and back even during playtime on the floor.

I have been wearing the Nurture t-shirt and I love it! It is so comfy and breathable. I feel more confident when I am out and about with my little guy and he is ready to nurse. No more having to unbutton shirts or try to lift my shirt real quick. I really wish I had known about these when I was pregnant. These gorgeous shirts are great to use from pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond. Another plus to these shirts for me is the sizes they offer: which are from X-small to X-large. I’m a big gal but was very pleased when the Nurture shirt fit me comfortably and perfect and it is oh so pretty. 🙂



I definitely recommend Au Fait Mama to any mommy out there, whether you are pregnant or nursing or looking for a great gift to give at a babyshower.  You can visit their website here:

Disclosure: I received a Nurture t-shirt for Review purposes. All opinions stated are my own.

  • Laura

    Interesting! Hubby and I are expecting our first this Dec, so breastfeeding will be a brand new experience. I’ve been wondering what types of shirts are the easiest to wear for nursing, this might fit the bill!

  • Diana Villa

    Thanks a lot for the useful review ^_^

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