Autum Gardens and How to Prepare Them For Winter

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Gardens are meant to be enjoyed in the warmer seasons, but when autumn has so much beauty to offer, we might as well make it pleasant this time of the year as well. It’s a bit easier when you don’t have those patches of wet grass or brown soil, and you get to take advantage of the crystal clear autumn light too.

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Here is a quick guide to how you can enjoy your garden even when it’s not summer and prepare it for the snow.

Remove greenhouse shading

If you have a greenhouse, now is the time to remove that shading and let the natural cycle do the talking. The days are becoming increasingly short now, and the darkness will continue to creep up on us for a few more months, so it’s smart to maximise the sunlight your plants receive. Give the glass a good wash with some warm water, and it should be good to go.

You might as well give the inside a good spring clean while you’re there, by the way. Remove all the plants before disinfecting the place, and ventilate it thoroughly before inviting them back in.

Prune your trees but leave your bushes

Most garden owners love a good clean-up during the autumn, which is why cleaning out the greenhouse is a perfect choice. The rest of your garden, however, needs to be treated with care. Have a long look at for some reviews on the best products to choose from, and go ahead and prune the branches on your trees.

Leave the bushes, though, so that the garden birds have some berries to snack on when winter sets in. It’s understandable that you want everything to look neat and tidy before the snow falls, but you might be making life harder for the wildlife which depends on your backyard. Leave as much as possible untouched, and prune small amounts only.

Maintain garden equipment

Have a look at your equipment and make sure everything is up to date before you store it away. When spring comes, you’ll have a hard time getting the kind of price you might find on garden tools at this time of the year, so take advantage of the offers by sending in some of it for service now if it’s necessary.

Inspect your garden shed as well, by the way, while you’re already in there to ensure no poor hedgehog has anything hazardous to get stuck in. They’re very likely to wander in at one point during winter, looking for food and shelter, and it would be a sad discovery when spring arrives if one of them got stuck in there.

You can find quite some late bloomers on the market to plant as well if you’d like to add a bit of color to your scenery. Have a look at this detailed article on, get your garden gloves out, and enjoy one last round out there before the snow sets in.

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