The Autumn Barbecue: Making The Most Of Your Garden Later In The Year

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The summer might have come to an end for 2017, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still get out and enjoy the garden. There’s a chill in the air, but the weather is still relatively mild, and the sun is still peeking out from behind the clouds on a regular basis. To make the most of it before the wind, rain and snow begin to hit, why not get outside and enjoy an autumnal barbeque? It’s a great chance to get friends and family together, and have that final hurrah before heading back inside until next spring. Here’s how you can throw the perfect fall barbeque.

Clean Up The Garden

Now that the leaves have begun to fall, you could find yourself buried beneath leaf litter if you have a lot of trees on your property. You could grab a rake, or even a leaf blower to make things easier- check out the best electric leaf blower reviews so you can invest in the best one for you. Give the lawn a cut (make sure you’re doing this on a dry day, or you will damage it) and prune down anything that grew very large over the summer. Give any garden furniture a good clean, since the autumn has brought more rainy days it might be looking a little grubby.

Choose The Right Food and Drinks

One of the benefits of having a barbeque in the autumn is that you can incorporate some seasonal produce and make it extra special. Corn on the cob is always a good choice for cookouts but right now is the perfect time to pop it on the grill- the harvest season commences in October and runs through to November so it’s as fresh and tasty now as it will be all year. Autumn is also about warm spices, which you could use to season your meat ready for the barbeque. The addition of some clove, nutmeg, allspice, and cinnamon to your barbeque marinade. Potatoes are also in season so you could whip up a delicious potato salad for on the side, you could even make some stewed fruit desserts. Apples, blackberries, and pears are all at their best right now. You could grill-bake apples or pears with cinnamon and sugar in foil and serve with fresh blackberries as an incredible dessert after your barbeque for something a little different. For drinks, how about whipping up a big batch of hot chocolate in the slow cooker, or making hot toddies? Perfect for warming everyone up while you sit outside and chat.

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Think About Lighting and Heating

If your barbeque is likely to run through to the evening, lighting and heating are two things you will need to consider. How about stringing up some LED fairy lights and some LED tealight candles in lanterns for a pretty effect. If you have a floodlight outside make sure it’s working, so you’re not sat in the dark. A fire pit is a good option for both light and heat, you could all sit around and toast marshmallows and enjoy the warmth. A couple of blankets for people to cozy up in would be the perfect finishing touch.

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