$ave 30% Off Pre-Lit Christmas Trees that fold flat & sparkle from every angle!

Crab pot Christmas trees in Davis, NC

With Halloween out of the way it will soon be Thanksgiving and Christmas!  Yeah I know, some of you don’t want to hear about the holidays yet but for me personally I love this time of year and yes I will admit I have already started to decorate. 😉

One of my favorites to decorate is our yard. I love coming home, pulling up to the driveway and seeing all the pretty lights glowing. This year I can’t wait to drive up and see my new Crab Pot Christmas Tree.


Crab Pot Christmas Trees are remarkable, perfectly shaped trees that are pre-lit, fold flat for storage, sparkle from EVERY angle and are easily set up. What makes these holiday trees so unique and the MUST HAVE of the season for home decor?

Crab Pot Christmas Trees are made from the very durable PVC Coated Crab Pot Wire which withstands all that Mother Nature throws at it. Want to see these fold flat Crab Pot Christmas Trees? Check out the fold flat trees in this video, because seeing is believing and this is how you can make the season sparkle with ease.

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Where are you going to put your Crab Pot Christmas tree?

  • levy

    I want one, they’re so cute and easy to keep.

  • These make me wish I had a yard to display them on. I wonder how they’d look on a carport.

  • Adriana

    These are just too cute! I love how easy they are too to set up! Look gorgeous in the yard! -Lynzy

  • Rebecca Swenor

    These Crab Pot Christmas Trees are awesome. I love how they fold up and they look amazing. These would look great in anyone’s yard and I really love to decorate my yard too at Christmas time. Thanks for sharing these awesome pre-lit tress.

  • While I totally hate fighting to get the tree lights on the tree perfectly it is a part of the process. I say that now and when I dig the tree out next month I will wish I had a pre-lit tree.

  • I’m not ready! It’s time for me to buy a new pre-lit tree this year, I think I’ll get one next weekend!

  • My girls and I have the most fun decorating our yard for Christmas. It’s the one thing that they all love to do together.

  • Cynthia Nicoletti

    These are gorgeous and look pretty easy to do. Will be looking into making one.

  • Valerie CottageMakingMommy

    These looks great. Very easy to install. I like that it folds flat.

  • We have a pre-lit Christmas tree, but nothing like this that folds flat, that’s pretty neat.

  • They are so pretty! My husband and I are still getting settled into a fixer-upper we bought last year, so I would love to finally celebrate the holidays in grand fashion again with some beautiful decorations!

  • Pam W

    What a great deal. I have been planning all my Christmas decor since this is my granddaughter’s very first Christmas.

  • Ohh I love them just looking at them makes me feel all Christmassy!

  • Christmas decorating is so much fun! However, I’m always looking for ways to make my life easier during the holidays. These trees sound like they save so much space and are so cute, too!

  • Alli Smith

    I love Christmas and decorating for Christmas. As soon as Halloween is over, I’m all into decorating. This time last year, I had my decor up already. I’m running behind a little this year. I LOVE these Christmas trees and knowing they fold flat for storage is awesome.

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