*Away from home with baby*



First off I want to say that we LOVE Ellas Kitchen, mOmma and skiphop, they have been a lifesaver. 🙂 We seem to be on the road a lot and today was one of those busy days. Usually we can kind of do things at our own pace in the morning and eat breakfast then take care of things but this morning we were out the door early and my little one had no interest in solids yet for the day so I packed him breakfast to go.. I love his skiphop lunch bag, we actually found this in our citrus lane box  in January, it sells for $14. What’s great about it, it’s even insulated and a nice size as well. 🙂 I packed his favorite mOmma spoon which you can find at walmart.com for about $5. It’s my favorite too, I love that it has a cover and that it always lands spoon side up.. Next  is his mOmma straw cup which you can also find at walmart for about $10. We actually just got this and having fun trying to get our little one to learn how to drink from a straw. My little man loves Ellas so we packed one of the pouches, they are sold at your local target and online as well. Ellas Kitchen and mOmma are very generous with their contests they have… So the next time you’re wondering what are you going to pack for you kiddo for any meal or snack I highly suggest Skiphop, Ellas Kitchen and mOmma… 🙂

  • I am not very fantastic with English but I line up this very easygoing to read.

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