He’s not a Baby anymore…


“Oh where has the time gone little one? Seems like it was just yesterday I was bringing you home to meet your brothers and sisters. “

 It had been a few years in between having little ones and after marrying my wonderful husband that not only married me but took on and accepted my 4 children we decided to have a child of our own. Knowing that it was a 50% chance that our child would carry the same rare chromosomal disorder that my  husband found out he had a few years ago I wanted EVERYTHING to be perfect with the pregnancy and everything after.

While pregnant I ate as healthy as I could and spent so many hours researching and learning about breastfeeding and cloth diapering. I had no idea about cloth diapers when my 4 oldest were born and even though I breastfed them all as soon as they were born I only made it a few weeks to a few months with each. This time I was determined that no matter what; I was breastfeeding my child until they were ready to wean. Same with cloth diapers that as soon as I started there would be no going back!


Unfortunately my pregnancy didn’t go perfect like I had hoped for and right from the start during an ER visit I was told that I was losing my baby and sometimes it happens. The agony of waiting all those days and weeks to see if certain numbers got higher and the ultrasound showed anything yet or not was very hard. A few weeks went by and finally the numbers went up and our little guy was seen on the ultrasound.

Then I was told by my doctor that I HAD to have a C-section because my last child was born via C-section and no one in this area believed in VBAC anymore. A very big crushing blow to us. That’s not the way it was supposed to go! =( After I while I finally accepted it. Towards the end of my pregnancy I was having weekly ultrasounds because the amniotic fluid wasn’t as much as it should be. A week before I was due our little guy was born Via C-section. After I got to see him real quick he was taken to NICU because he was having a hard time breathing. I didn’t get to see him for a long time. =( Didn’t get to breastfeed him as soon as I wanted and I was so sick from having the C-section meds or whatever they put you on. I couldn’t stop vomiting for hours. Finally I felt better and as soon as my husband brought him in the room we never left his side.

Our son did end up with the same disorder of the 22Q.11.2 MicroDuplication syndrome that his dad carries as well. For a few months we both had a very hard time with breastfeeding, he was born with tongue tie and also has some jaw characteristics that made it difficult for him to nurse. My breasts were so sore that people asked why don’t I just stop breastfeeding. I wanted the best for him and that’s what he got. We finally got the hang of it and it was getting easier.

Even though he see’s  genetics every 6 months he has been doing great. There’s something that came up when we seen the heart doctor but they said that it should be fine and we don’t have to go back for 5 more years. We are very thankful that nothing has come up yet as far as the 22Q.


Our little guy just turned 1; I tell everyone as strangers in the store stop to smile and talk to our son. He turned 1 years old 4 months ago! I have been telling everyone he just turned a year because I don’t think I was ready to realize that our little guy is not a baby anymore =( He’s now a Toddler…

He’s my last child which means there will be no more babies…. No more pregnancies.. He just finally weaned himself from breastfeeding so I will never be breastfeeding again.  Pretty soon he will be potty training and then there will be no more cloth diapers.. =(  He’s now walking pretty good but then he will be running…

Time goes by so fast!

“It feels like just yesterday I was bringing you home little one…….”

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