I love me some coupons ;)


Woah! What a week and I can’t believe it’s the weekend again! Here I sit with a bunch of coupons surrounding me with the weekend flyer and seeing if it is worth while to take a trip into town to snag some deals. Unfortunately it don’t look to good! I’ve been so busy I hadn’t had a chance until now to post my latest shopping trips. The first part of my shopping the beginning of the week was going great! At the end though I ended up spending $39 more dollars that I wasn’t expecting.  Anyway…

My first stop was the Dollar Tree lol. I have noticed lately they have the Hormel pepperoni and the Hormel Chili there. There’s some coupons online to print to save on those 2 items. I should have researched their coupon policy first though before heading in (2 coupons per visit), luckily they separated my order into 3 transactions. 2 coupons per day sounds pretty stupid if you ask me lol. I was able to get 6 packages of pepperoni and 4 cans of chili for $5.90, which is about 40% savings and even at walmart the pepperoni is close to 3 bucks a package. So score! =)

My second stop was Shaws, Now I haven’t shopped at Shaws in years! It’s been so long that when I got to the register and passed them my Shaws rewards card they looked at me and said they don’t use those anymore lol. I had looked at their flyer pretty carefully and my coupons and realized It would be a worthwhile trip. Shaws in the only store that doubles coupons in my area that I know of so I wanted to test that as well. Now my Shaws trip I am pretty excited about since I hadn’t used coupons there before. I paid $36.81 out-of-pocket and on my receipt shows a savings of $51.13! With a percentage of 58% =) That’s my best so far. I was able to get 6 bags of Chex mix for $1! 😉 Also got 4 boxes of name brand cereal, 8 cans of Progresso soup, sour cream, 4 boxes of popcorn, 6 cups of Real Medleys, 2 packages of goldfish crackers, 2 jars of tabasco sauce and a 5lb bag of sugar. I think that is a pretty good coupon trip. =)


My last stop for the day was Walmart. Now we do our monthly shopping into one day. I make monthly meal plans so we know what we are getting and how many of each item we need so we separated our carts and I filled a cart with all the products that I had coupons for so I could get an idea of how much I saved. I got so much that I can’t name it all. It surely helped making a little stock pile of items on the closet shelf. Now Walmart seems to be the only place that the cashiers are pretty rude about coupons, a couple they handle but I knew the guy was not going to be impressed in my mother load of coupons, I even told the lady behind me that only had a few items “you might want to go to another check out” lol. I believe they have 40 coupon limit and then the CM has to come unlock the register and that’s exactly what happened. I ended up spending $39 more dollars than I wanted but… My total had come to $235.48 and after coupons it was $181.18 so a savings of $54.30! =)

Total savings with all 3 stores that day  put together was $109.53! =)

a day later….

I ended up back at Walmart and while I was there decided to use some coupons again.. 😉


I picked up a pack of equate pads, 2 cans of shave gel, 2 packages of floss, a package of reach access flosser, and a package of Gillette disposable razors. Total of all was $16.34. I paid $8.34. Which is pretty  much a 50% savings. =)

Do you love to use coupons? I’m still a newbie and would love to hear some of your tips and tricks or places you go to get coupons online.

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