Back in the Groove

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How’s everyone doing on this fine Sunday? Seems like I have been gone for a while when it comes to blogging about my weight loss goals and journey. The beginning of the year was going really well and apparently life got in the way and found myself depressed again and went back to eating unhealthy and not getting any exercise. Of course with all of that I started to feel really unhealthy and tired again.

For the past 4 weeks though I have found my groove again. This time I have 3 other people on board with me working on their own weight loss goals, my husband, my dad and my oldest daughter. Every Sunday we weigh in and if during the week we feel like we need some guidance or need someone to talk to we check in with each other.

I’m back to the gym and eat a lot of veggies each day. I have noticed (which I always d0) that as the days go by I start to feel a little better than before now that I’m not eating processed foods or take out. It’s been really hard not stepping on the scale every day but I have stuck to only once a week.

The first week I lost 10 lbs and was totally blown away with that. The second week I lost 4 lbs and at first I was a little upset thinking it should be more but quickly told myself that 4 lbs is great! The third week I lost 4 lbs again and today I weighed in and… NOT AT ALL IMPRESSED! I weigh the same as I did last week. I’m pretty upset about it knowing how much work I did this week and even got my fat butt on a bicycle, something I haven’t done in years. I’m really trying to not let it bother me and have that little voice saying what’s the point just go eat but I am staying strong. Hopefully next week will show a loss.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll continue to blog about my progress with my weight loss journey.

  • Lisa Coomer Queen

    Try not to get down. It is a marathon not a sprint. You will get there! Prayers~

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