Back to School Giving Back Packs Event 2016 #GivingBackPacks

“WEMAKE7 was not compensated for this post, we did however receive product and a gift card to purchase supplies to fill a backpack to donate to a local child or organization.”

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It’s hard to believe that school is just around the corner but I’m pretty excited this year because I was selected to participate in a Giving Back Packs Event. I participated in one a few years ago and loved it. I consider my family less fortunate than others but ask anyone that knows me I’m the first to lend a hand or donate when I can so this really hits close to home for me. To participate in this with my family really warms my heart.

wonderful pistachios, giving back packs, back to school, donating, school, school supplies, giving backWe were sent a gift card to purchase supplies so we decided to shop our local Walmart and Dollar Tree to get as much as we could. When I asked my kiddos what organization or if they knew who they think would best benefit from a new back pack and supplies it was decided it would go to an older kiddo that was going through a tough time.

wonderful pistachios, giving back packs, back to school, donating, school, school supplies, giving backMy daughters and I had such a wonderful time shopping together and choosing what we thought would benefit the child the most for school. When we got home we placed everything on the table and agreed we had a pretty good shopping trip.

wonderful pistachios, giving back packs, back to school, donating, school, school supplies, giving backAlong with the gift card we were sent a backpack to put the supplies in and Wonderful Pistachios. The tube packs are perfect for on-the-go and come in yummy flavors like Roasted & Salted, Sweet Chili and Salt & Pepper. The pre-portioned packs also make packing lunch really simple! They are a healthy and nutritious snack to get your kiddo through the day!

wonderful pistachios, giving back packs, back to school, donating, school, school supplies, giving back

We stuffed all the school supplies and as much pistachios in the backpack as we could and couldn’t wait to surprise the kiddo with it. It always feels good to help others and sometimes there is just so much going wrong and bad in the world that acts like this really keep me hopeful.

A huge thanks to Wonderful Pistachios for sponsoring this event this year and Real Advice Gal for choosing our family to participate! 😉

Have you ever helped a child less fortunate? How did it make you feel? Tell me in the comments below.


  • Anne Marie Carter

    All of my students come from homes that have less. Some of my students are living in cars.

  • Rebecca Swenor

    I have help kids less fortunate and we have also been on the receiving end as well. It is a blessing to many to have programs like this for those that don’t have the means to get school supplies. Thanks so much for sharing and I love you choose an old child to shop for because so many do the younger kids.

  • Sara

    What a great idea for helping kids that might not be able to afford supplies! I love the inclusion of the healthy snack too!

  • Stephanie of The TipToe Fairy

    I’m happy to say we got all the kids school supplies done! And they love those prepackaged pistachios. I always put them in their lunches.

  • Francisca Ramos

    I think you went to the best place Walmart and Dollar Tree. The prices are low and you grabbed a lot of things to give back. It’s great you helped out the less fortunate. If I could help out the less fortunate I would. At the moment I am a SAHM raising 3 kids.

  • Gabriel

    Looks like a great event. My wife was a huge pistachio fan until she discovered she’s allergic to tree nuts. She was pretty sad about it.

  • Dawn McAlexander

    I really think it is great when companies give back to the community. This is a great idea because every kid needs a backpack, but not everyone can afford them.

  • sara

    What a great thing to do! We also donate backpacks and supplies to a local school that collects them. It is such a great thing to teach my children to give back.

  • Chubskulit Rose

    I love pistachios and this is such a freat post. What a wonderful way to start the school.

  • Kathleen Kennedy-Leon

    we adopt different needy families each year at the holidays and when school starts -so that those kiddos have cool new back packs and all the supplies they need to have a great year–it feels great–always good to pay it forward

  • Real Advice Gal

    Thank you so much for participating in the year’s event! I am so excited that we have been able to help out so many students this year!

  • Liz Mays

    What an awesome way to help someone in need. All of those supplies and snacks will be so handy!

  • Sarah

    What a fantastic event to share, appreciate you sharing this. Love the idea of a backpack event!

  • Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    Pistachios are one of my favorite nuts. We always try to have some around. They’re fabulous for adding to oatmeal, ice cream, salad, .. almost anything! I always have some on hand.

  • Jeanette

    We try to do this around Christmas time each year. I love giving back, because God has given us so much. I always prefer a generous heart.

  • Shirley Wood

    Thanks for the coupon!
    What a nice opportunity to be able to Give Back to the community. I love shopping for school supplies so I know this was a fun project and so rewarding!

  • Pam

    There are so many kids who can’t afford their school supplies. It’s so sad. The Giving Backpacks thing is great! How cool that you got to do it.

  • Anosa

    How nice of you to participate in the giving back event and finding someone to gift the back pack and suppleis too. I am sure they are very grateful

  • Alli Smith

    Our church helps out with school supplies for needy kids. The giving backpacks event is awesome and you really found some great stuff to fill the backpack.

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