Backseat Car Organizer + Car Visor Organizer Review



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Hey moms and dads, men and women, do you ever wish you could get your vehicle clutter more organized? As a momma to 5 we have quite a few different items in our family van and even though I put the items nice and neat, they always seem to find their way under seats and nowhere to be found!

back_seat_organizer When I learned of the Backseat Car Organizer and Visor by Fancy Mobility I just knew I had to have a set in our vehicle. My husband also wanted one for his work vehicle to put all his important work items in.

When I first went to attach the organizer to my seat I thought it wasn’t going to work but quickly realized that the straps had more to go and it fits perfectly to my seat now. I love how many different pockets and compartments it has to put many items of different sizes in.

The visor is also very nice as well and now I don’t have to quickly look for a pen when I’m driving up to the bank teller window like I always did before. I now have a pen in quick reach. It’s also great for papers you may need to keep in your vehicle too.


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What would you put in your car organizer or visor?

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  • Yona Williams

    My best friend has three kids, and I know something like this would be ideal. I like how there are so many compartments in different sizes, especially the cup holders.

  • Ronda Ogilvie

    oh my gosh, If you only knew how much I need this in my life! My car is a hot mess!

  • Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

    I do not drive but I know if I did I would definitely need something like this to keep everything organized.

  • Ourfamilyworld

    I need this in my life. The girls’ toys are scattered in the backseat. This will fix the mess.

  • victoria

    I need that organizer. out car was looks dirty because of the things. glad you share this

  • Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    That organizer is genius! I need this in the worst way. My car perpetually looks like it was attacked by the Tazmanian Devil.

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