Bad Weather Coming? Here Is How To Get Your Backyard Ready!

It’s never good when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Not only does it stop you from going outside, but it can cause damage to your backyard. Here is how you can get your backyard ready for bad weather.

Put any toys away safely

It’s easy to have toys outside in the backyard if your kids have been busy playing with them the day before. But if you have seen reports of bad weather, it’s time to go outside and make sure everything has been put away. If you don’t move them, not only could they get damaged, but they might also end up damaging plants in severe wind if they are swept across the garden. Cover any playground equipment so that it doesn’t get damaged in bad weather too.

Make sure fence is secure

Another way to protect your backyard in bad weather is to ensure that the fence is secure before bad wind arrives. You don’t want to have to end up getting a company out to repair it as it’s been damaged in the weather. It could not only damage your garden if it falls, but it might harm your neighbor’s garden too. Therefore, make sure it’s secure before bad weather arrives and fix it now before the bad weather arrives.

Get garden furniture cover

You should also make efforts to get some garden furniture covers so that they are protected in bad weather. It will ensure they are not completely soaked after the bad weather has hit. You should put any chairs away in the shed till the bad weather has passed too. You may also want to get hold of a canopy to protect other garden furniture such as a hammock when the bad weather strikes.

Use raised beds

You should consider having raised beds in the backyard to protect the plants during bad weather. The mounds will drain better than flat garden soil if there has been heavy rain. And as discussed in this article, the raised garden beds will hold warmth close to the soil, meaning it will stop wind erosion and buffer rainfall.


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Cover plants in frost

Another way to protect your backyard in bad weather is to ensure plants are covered if you are expecting frost. Frost can do a lot of damage to the plants in the garden, so it’s best to make efforts to protect them before it hits. As this feature discusses, you should put an old newspaper or blanket over the plants, or you can even turn on a sprinkler to ensure the plants stay safe.



Protect outdoor pets

You should also make efforts to protect outdoor pets if bad weather is going to hit. For example, if you have chickens, you need to ensure their coop is secure and won’t blow away in bad weather. Make sure they go in there once you know terrible weather is going to hit so they won’t be at risk of hyperthermia.

Here are some other ways to protect your backyard in extreme weather.

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    Great advice. We just had a nasty storm blow through this afternoon.

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