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“WEMAKE7 was not compensated for this post. We are part of The Beatrix Girls VIP Blogger Club where we get to host giveaways for our readers.”

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Whose kiddos are excited for Halloween and love The Beatrix Girls? You are going to love this awesome giveaway just in time for Halloween!

Who are the Beatrix Girls?

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They’re musicians, they’re dolls, they’re role models for a new generation of empowered young girls. Sure, they’re adorable with great clothes and fabulous hair, but there’s so much more to them than that!

The Beatrix Girls are an accomplished pop band with real music that girls are sure to adore. Each member of the band sings, plays a different instrument and even writes the songs.

They’ve achieved the pop-star success that young girls dream of – and they’ve done it through talent, tenacity and old-fashioned hard work. Best of all, none of that success has gone to their heads. They’re young, they’re real and they’re spunky.

Check out one of their music videos below. =)

The winner of our pop star themed costume kit will win the perfect essentials for a rockin Halloween costume which will include…
An inflatable guitar and microphone play set
Temporary hair color to match the awesome colors of one of our four
Beatrix Girls dolls…
Brayden – Purple
Lark – Orange
Chantal – Red
Ainsley – Pink
A custom Beatrix Girl Trick or Treat bag
Custom Beatrix Girls M&M’s
*Must be a minimum of 5 years old to use all products and must be under parent and/or guardian supervision.


Enter for a chance to win in the rafflecopter below.

Giveaway open to U.S. Must be 18+ to enter.

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To learn more about The Beatrix Girls visit “The Beatrix Girls”

“WEMAKE7 was not compensated for this post. We are part of The Beatrix Girls VIP Blogger Club where we get to host giveaways for our readers.”


  • sally

    Love love Ainsley…but hard to choose because they all make up the entire group and each one complements one another. We like halloween as we get to be funny , creative and spooky.

  • melissa stone (@momma1g2b)

    Id have to say ainsley and yes very excited!

  • Gina H.

    Brayden is my favorite.

  • jenn huey

    I love the Brayden Beatrix doll

  • Dorothy Teel

    My two youngest granddaughters still get dressed up for Halloween and the older preteens pretend they are going to help their little sisters, but they love to dress up also, We like Ainsley at our house with her kick drum and enjoy the videos we are born free – Fly higher everyday.

  • Emily

    I like lark! I am sooo excited for halloween. I always am! This year I’m hosting a halloween party!

  • Cheryl Rogers

    Chantal is my favorite! We have a lot of excitement in the neighborhood for Halloween.

  • April Farley

    I like lark the best but our little gal likes Ainsley the best. She is in a pink stage right now. Yes I am excited for Halloween this year. I am always excited for it as it is my fav holiday of all times. So many awesome fun memories from over the years. Everyone gets to take on a persona of their won choosing. Kids get all the candy they could ever want. Spooky stories and music . So much fun for all ages. It is a laid back holiday unlike Christmas which is always stressfull. Thanksgiving you always have to decide where to go to eat. Always rushed and pressed. Halloween is not like that. IT is all fun !

  • James Robert

    I think my girls would like Brayden because of her purplish colored hair

  • Shakeia Rieux

    Brayden is my favorite Beatrix Girl.Yes I am very excited for Halloween this year!

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