My best shopping trip yet! Saved 70% couponing! =)


So I was pretty excited on one of my recent couponing shopping trips because this time I saved 70%! That’s my best yet. I don’t think I have ever had so much stockpiled before In my life and it feels good to have learned how to use coupons to get a lot of stuff for free or at a great discount. I know a lot of people get sick of hearing about coupons and always dread when they see folks with coupons but why wouldn’t anyone want to save a few bucks??? Even if I was rich I would probably still coupon. We may have more than 50 bottles of laundry soap but when it comes to someone who may need a few items I’ll be glad to help. =)

This week at Shaw’s they have a pretty good deal going on with Quaker products. They are $1.88 each for the cereal, chewy bars, cookies and more. You must buy at least 5 to get the $1.88 pricing. I picked up 6 boxes of cereal and used three  .75 cents off of 2 which doubled to $1.50. Those coupons were in the 1/18 newspaper insert.

This was my second trip to Shaws this week so I had previously picked up some Dynamo detergent. I picked up 4 more this time around. They are on sale for $1.99 each. I had $2 off of 2 making them $1.98 for 2 so less than a dollar a bottle! =) These coupons were also in one of the 1/18 inserts.

The Campbells slow cooker packages I did not have on my list the other day but they were 2/$5. I had some $.75 coupons making the final price on each $1 after the doubling of each coupon so I used up the rest of my coupons I had left on this trip. I’m not sure which insert these coupons were from but they were either from 1/18 or the weekend previous.

Another great deal this week is the Pillsbury sweet rolls. The are 10/$10 so $1 each package. I had a coupon for .40 off of one which doubled to .80 so I paid .60/each.

The Muir Glen organic tomatoes were a pretty good deal too. I believe I was able to get 1 $1 coupon to use. It was online either on their website or facebook page not exactly sure where. =( They were on sale for  $1.34 a can so I paid .34 for it. =)

The GoGo Squeeze was on sale for 2/$5 so I used a .75 coupon that doubled to $1.50 and paid $1 for the box. The .75 coupon was on

The last product I picked up using coupons was skinny cow candy. I had a few BOGO coupons so decided to use one and get 2 bars for .99 cents. The other items I got I didn’t have coupons for and usually I split the orders up so I can make sure everything goes okay. This shopping trip I saved 70%! It probably would have been higher if I separated the orders. Total price before sales and coupons was $87.28. I paid $27.75 out of pocket. Total savings $59.53! =) Now that I have a few items stockpiled I don’t have to go shopping as much but a true couponer will probably continue to check those deals and match up their coupons. So until next time… Happy shopping. =)

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