Bluebee Pals Sammy the Bear #2014HolidayGiftGuide

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I am so excited to write this post and share with you a new product that just came out, just in time for the holidays! Meet Sammy the bear, he is one out of five of the lovable bluetooth buddies called Bluebee Pals.  


About Bluebee Pals:

 Bluebee Pals are a huggable plush toy that sings, reads and answers phone calls. The advanced technology includes lip synchronization allowing the animal’s “mouth” to move while singing, reading your favorite story books or learning apps.

  • Embedded Bluetooth Enabled Speaker
  • Super Soft Plush Fabric
  • Connects to any Apple or Android device with Bluetooth capabilities (smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops).
  • Sings along to Music, Stories, Lullabies and Story Books
  • Use as Hands Free Telephone with built-in Speaker and Microphone
  • Rechargeable Battery with USB Micro-charge Cable Included  (Adapter not included).
  • Bluebee Pals Instructional Manual Included

Bluebee-Pals-Sammy-The-Bear We were so excited to open up the box he came in not knowing which one was sent for review.  Inside the box was Sammy the bear, the kiddos couldn’t believe how soft and cuddly he was. I have to admit I think he’s cuddly too. =)  


 Set-up was very simple. We connected Sammy the bear with one of our cellphones by simply pressing the connect button on one of his ears. The first time we connected him the kiddos didn’t know all that he could do so they were pretty surprised when he starting moving his mouth to the music. They immediately fell in love with him. We have also been using him as a hands free telephone, the kiddos have a blast talking on the phone with their Grammie.

We think Bluebee Pals are great and would make an excellent gift this holiday season!


To learn more and purchase these cute plush animals visit They are also available in Toys R Us stores nationwide.  

Connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

 Which Bluebee Pal are you most excited to buy?


“WEMAKE7 was not compensated for this post. We did however receive free product as part of a promotional program with Bluebee Pals and MomSelect. If you have any questions/concerns or want your product featured on WEMAKE7 you can reach Bonnie at  




  • Ashley Nicholas

    What an adorable gift! I’d love to give this to my niece!

  • Mommy Pehpot

    best gift idea ever! We all love plushies!

  • Sharon

    Oh my gosh, how fun and totally cool is that? I need to get like four of those for me 😉

  • Andrea Kruse

    I haven’t seen these before. Interesting idea to hook a plush toy up to a cell phone.

  • Carly Anderson

    I had never heard of Bluebee Pals before! Sammy Bear is too cute!

  • Rebecca Swenor

    This would be an awesome gift for my nephew and niece. They would be so excited to have one of these Bluebee pals. Thanks for sharing.

  • Rosey

    I saw these at Toys R Us and wondered what they were about. They’re sure cute!

  • Nancy (@spiffykerms)

    So sweet! Your little one seems to like it 🙂

  • Ann Bacciaglia

    This sounds like an amazing bear. I will have to pick up a few to give for Christmas gifts.

  • Elizabeth O.

    Bluebee Pals collection look so cute! My girl would definitely love these bears! 😉

  • Jenni E. {Sweet Pennies from Heaven}

    Answers phone calls?? LOL! That’s too cute. We’re big fans of plush toys at our house.

  • Danielle

    This looks like a really great gift. I bet my son would really like something like this.

  • Our Family World

    This bear looks so very cute, I love it!

  • Michelle Hwee

    What a cute teddy bear 🙂 would be great as an xmas gift!

  • Debbie Jean

    Those sound so cute! I love that it can be used a a speaker – my daughters would love that!

  • Tanya Coffman

    Wow! I’ve never heard of this bear before – my has toys and technology come a very long way in a short amount of time! 😀

  • michele d

    How stinkin cute is this bear. I can’t believe that he does all that. Answers phone calls must be so cute to hear.

  • Nina Say

    These are so cute, and so very cool! I know a lot of kids who would enjoy a gift like this.

  • Rena McDaniel

    That is so freakin cute! I have to get my niece one of these for Christmas.

  • Liz Mays

    I totally see why kids would fall in love with him. Too cute that he sings along to the music. 🙂

  • Shaney Vijendranath

    My daughter would love this because she loves cuddly stuffed animals. Great gift suggestion for Christmas.

  • Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    Too cute. My youngest son you would love that. I might get him one.

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