Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps Review



A Special Thanks to Brothers All Natural for providing my family with fruit crisps to review.

I’m a momma to 5 and it is very important to me that they eat as healthy as they can. It takes some coaxing sometimes to get some of my kiddos to eat their fruits and veggies. It’s even harder to find something healthy for them when it comes down to snack time. It’s really hard to find snacks that are good for my children unless it’s fresh fruit or veggies. We have stopped buying fruit snacks and all of those easy boxed snacks because they are full of sugars and a lot of ingredients we are trying to stay away from. I was surprised and delighted to learn that Brothers all natural fruit crisps (which are freeze-dried snacks) have absolutely nothing in their package except for the fruit that was freeze-dried! No sugar, No added colors, No preservatives! 100% fruit is all that you will find in each package =)


 Our family reviewed their Disney Sampler pack which consists of Fuji Apple, Asian Pear, Banana, Strawberry Banana, Pineapple and Apple-Cinnamon. I wasn’t sure how some of my children would like the fruit crisps but as soon as they opened their pouch and tasted a fruit crisp they were commenting on how great they tasted and even said “here mommy have one, they taste good”. =) The pouches are a nice size too and definitely great for a snack! I used some to toss in my son’s diaper bag when we are out so the kids had something healthy to snack on while we were away from home as well. I have definitely got to get some more of these now that the kids love them and it would make a great snack to send to school as well!


I absolutely recommend these all natural Disney Fruit Crisps to everyone! They are not only yummy for kids but for adults as well and very healthy! =)

Brothers All Natural has provided me with a great code for my lovely readers for 10% off any purchase HERE using code: 5KIDDOS

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  • Angela W

    My son LOVES these. I take them on our weekend trip to grandmas so he can have a healthy snack on the way

  • femto

    i love these just love love theme so much

  • Kacee Nunez

    My girls love these. Great review!

  • Rachel Malone

    wold love for my kids to try these, they look so yummy!

  • Rachael Juedes

    They sound good. I think my nephews would like them. They love fruit.

  • Linda Bradshaw

    This would be great for my grandkids. They would enjoy them.

  • Howell

    These would be great to take along on trips.

  • Eugenie

    These snacks sound delicious as well as healthy.

  • Theresa Wilson

    I’ve acatually never tried these, but looking for something as a healthy alternative for the kids. These would be great if they like them. Thanks for the review.

  • Stephanie

    Love these snacks. They are yummy, healthy, and convenient.!

  • Jessica

    My daughter LOVES the apple ones. Would like to see if she likes the other kinds as well!

  • Cheryl F.

    These sound pretty yummy!

  • kendra

    my family loves these yummy snacks and my son just thinks they are candy apples, etc. he loves them!

  • Diana Villa

    Looks great! My little girl would love this ^_^

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