Bumkins Cloth Diaper Review



A Special Thanks to Bumkins for providing me these great diapers to review on my website.

Anybody that personally knows me; knows I LOVE cloth diapers! =) I have 5 kiddos and never even knew about them when my 4 oldest were born. When I was pregnant with my youngest I learned a lot and decided we were going cloth all the way! They are eco-friendly, reusable, and my favorite they are so cute! I had bought a few different kinds and hadn’t tried Bumkins yet and was definitely excited when they arrived in the mail.


We reviewed a Stuff-it Diaper and a velcro closure Snap-in-One Diaper. Both are considered one size diapers meaning they can fit babies weighing from 7lbs-32lbs which is great if you think about it because you don’t have to buy as your baby grows; the diaper grows with your baby. =) I had never used a diaper that had a snap in insert to it and I actually like that feature.

The features of the Snap-in-One Diaper are:

  • Waterproof  PUL stretchy exterior provides a trim and leak-proof fit
  • Leak protection with gentle leg elastic to contain messes
  • Absorbent cotton and bamboo rayon interior and removable snap insert
  • Customizable Absorbency with built-in pouch, allows you to add additional inserts
  • Superior Comfort from soft, breathable cotton and bamboo rayon against baby’s skin
  • One Size fits most with snaps and velcro that let diaper grow with baby

The features of the Stuff-it Diaper are pretty much the same as above including:

  • Stay-Dry interior lining wicks away moisture, keeps baby’s bottom dry
  • Fast Drying with inserts that can be removed for laundering

These diapers have been working very well. We have had no leaks or messes. They fit my son perfectly and they have also been working great overnights as well. We have had some diapers that don’t do the trick overnight and leak by morning, these don’t. =) I love that they are one size and that I wouldn’t have to buy different sizes as I go. Check out our video to learn more about what we thought of these great diapers and how cute they look on my little guy.


I definitely recommend Bumkins all the way! You can find these same diapers to purchase HERE.


  • Rachel

    I love that turtle print and love that they work overnight for you!

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