Can Remodeling Your Kitchen Improve Your Health?

Most families live in very busy households. And the bigger your family becomes, the busier everyone seems to get! The kids are all doing different things, and the parents are tearing their hair out trying to keep up with everybody. Having different jobs, different schools, and different schedules leaves little time for anything. By the time you’ve all come home together, there just isn’t enough time to cook a healthy meal before at least one of the kids needs to go to bed.

Are your lifestyle and your health suffering a little from all those busy school days? Why not consider a few changes to help motivate you to get going in that kitchen? A fresh new kitchen could be just the thing to inspire you to try out some new, tasty recipes. And you might even be able to organize things to help save you those few extra minutes we could all do with. Try some of these ideas to bring out the best of you in the kitchen:


Some kitchens, especially those with a table or island, can feel a little crowded. If you’re forever bumping into kids, dogs, and kitchen units as you prepare a meal, it could be time to rethink the layout of your kitchen. We can all feel a little claustrophobic when there is a lot going on in a small space. And that is unpleasant. It puts you off getting in there and using the kitchen to prepare a meal.


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Trying a new layout could help you feel refreshed and energized. It’s not good being crowded when you have sharp knives and hot pans. You can also reduce the amount you are moving around the kitchen as you prepare the meal. Reorganizing the cupboards, shelves and drawers could have everything handy at your preferred workstation. Think about dividing your kitchen up into different areas. One for coffee making, one for preparing veg, and another for dishing up.


If you’re still scratching your head about how to organize the kitchen, walk yourself through the steps of making a big meal. See which cupboards you head to and which part of the countertop you’re using. Is that handy for the sink? Can you reach the sharp knives easily? Where is the trash bin? If the cupboards and drawers aren’t laid out in the right places, ask your builder if it’s practical for them to be arranged in a better place. This could help you get more organized in the kitchen.


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Drawers are so handy for all your utensils and cutlery. But without a good organizer tray, they all get chucked in together. You can be wasting valuable minutes digging through the chaos to find what you need. Get some drawer tidies. Then everything can have its place. When you’re about to start a meal, why not lay out the things you will need on the countertop? Seeing everything neat, tidy, in order, and to hand can help you feel more inspired as a cook. Outside of the kitchen, you may have a handy vegetable patch, herb garden, and a chicken coop for eggs. You may want your sink by the door for convenient cleaning.

A Place For Everything

As you get your kitchen more organized, you may start thinking about having a proper place for everything that needs to be in there. A proper larder is a wonderful cupboard with lots of shelves for tins and packets. You could label them to help remind you where to put things after shopping. And it will also help you find things a lot quicker too! Top shelves should be used, but if you’re not as tall as the shelf, you can’t always see what’s up there. A label is so handy. Add a small foot stool and the entire kitchen is within your reach.


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For a contemporary look in your kitchen, why not hang your pots and pans from the ceiling? It means everything is close to hand. And if you have a stylish pan set to show off then you should do it! Choose pans in a set so they are all very similar looking. Stainless steel sets also add a little shine a sparkle to your kitchen. You could also use a wall magnet knife block and a hanging utensil sorter.

Clean Again

With a big family, the clean up after cooking can be the worst bit. One of the best tips you’ll hear is to clean as you go. As soon as you’re finished with a pot, rinse it and place it straight in the dishwasher. This keeps all your worktops and sinks clear, so they continue to be hygienic and usable. For quick spills and crummies, keep a handy pack of antibacterial wipes in the kitchen. Then you can just grab one, wipe, and bin it. Deeper cleans can then be left to later.


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Have all your recycling containers nearby. As you empty packets they can be tossed straight into the right one without you having to sort anything again later. And it reduces the volume of trash you have to keep in the kitchen waste too. Some kitchens have cupboards with each of the different trash containers concealed inside. They’re so handy, and you can just whip them out for the street collection.

As for your floors, don’t be afraid to make life easier here. A robot vacuum cleaner doesn’t cost much more than a regular high-end cylinder vacuum. They can get on with the dining room crumbs and make light work of the bits and pieces that fall on the floor in the kitchen. Best of all, they can do it without you having to lift a finger once they’re programmed. Some come with mop attachments so you can have the most hygienic finish. Use a hand steamer system for the deep clean.

So can all these tips help improve your health? They can help save you time and hassle when it comes to cooking. This can certainly reduce your stress levels. And if a kitchen remodel can encourage us to cook more meals at home, then perhaps the whole family can enjoy better health too. Love your kitchen.

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