Canobie Lake N.H. 2013 Review



A Special Thanks to Canobie Lake Park for providing a way for our family to review their park. =)

If you live in New England or are in that area this Summer you have got to visit Salem, New Hampshire. There you will find tucked away on the waters of Canobie Lake the best amusement park our family has ever experienced. From thrill rides to family and kiddie rides they have something for everyone.

We hadn’t been to a park in years and the last park we visited felt very limited on entire family fun so I was hoping that this park would be different. They certainly did not disappoint. Upon entering we were amazed with how organized the park was, people were directing vehicles into the closests spots possible with a well maintained parking lot. The kids were so excited we didn’t know where to start.  It was a hot day when we visited and I loved the fact that they had plenty of benches throughout the park and there were a lot of shady areas to get relief from the sun. Other parks or fairs  I have been to are so open and don’t seem to have any places to take your kiddos in the shade.

My oldest boy and husband are thrill seekers so while they went on their first ride I decided to take my other kiddos for a bathroom break and could not wait to tell my husband that they actually have a nursing room for breastfeeding moms! =) Which was very important to  me since I breastfeed my son, not that I am ashamed to breastfeed while we are out but it offers that luxury and privacy if you choose.

They have so much there I don’t even know where to start lol. From bumper cars for the older ones and kiddies, rollercoasters, train rides, giant sky wheel, log flume, kiddie canoes, mine of the lost souls, boston tea party, castaway island (water park) and a whole lot more!

My oldest daughter could not wait to experience their live music tribute to Justin Beiber. I think that was her favorite part of going to the park. She even got a picture taken with him (Not real Justin Beiber but still made her day) They have other music tributes as well to enjoy.

If you get hungry or thirsty there, no problem! =) They have everything from pizza, burgers, fries, ice cream, cotton candy, lemonade, soda and they even offer healthier options if you just want to grab a salad. They have an arcade, games to win prizes, gift shops and plenty of restrooms when you need one.

If I had to pick a couple of my favorite rides there that I loved the most would be the fact that our whole family could go out on a pontoon boat for a 20 minute ride out on Canobie Lake and that is included in your ticket, no extra charge for that which is great! =) My other choice would be the Boston Tea Party. I get scared of a lot of rides but I did get on that with my husband and it was awesome! definitely a ride to hit when your hot and need to get soaked. You can even stand near the ride and wait for the other boats to hit the water and the water goes so high it splashes on everyone standing near it.

Check out my video below and see how much fun we had and what other rides they offer.

I definitely recommend Canobie Lake Park to everyone! =) A great place for any age. You will not be disappointed. You can check out their website HERE.

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