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Troubleshooting Garden Issues

Troubleshooting Garden Issues
“Contributed Post” I do love gardening, but that’s not to say that the garden is without its problems. In fact, if you’re not careful the garden can be a disaster zone with plenty of different issues that need solving. Not to worry though because on this post we’re going to troubleshoot them, tackling garden terrors one by one and [...]

Lovin’ Summer! Fun Garden Ideas...

Lovin’ Summer! Fun Garden Ideas For Your Kids
“Contributed Post” The feeling of summer truly washes over us when we’re out in the garden, doesn’t it? The time to kick back and enjoy the summer with a nice cool lemonade is one of life’s pleasures until the children start trampling down the stairs and making an almighty racket, disturbing your peaceful mid-afternoon slumber! Ye [...]

Give Your Garden New Life With These ...

Give Your Garden New Life With These Fantastic Features
Contributed Post Summer is just around the corner, and what better time to give your garden some TLC and hone those green-fingered skills? If your backyard is looking a little drab or tired, or you long to relax and recline in a space reminiscent of those featured in glossy magazine shots, here are some tips to help you breathe new life into [...]

How to Free Range Chickens While Keep...

How to Free Range Chickens While Keeping a Nice Garden
“Contributed Post” Lots of people want to keep their own chickens. They feel bad about the fact that supermarket chickens, and chicken products such as eggs, come from caged hens, and would prefer to have their own, thereby ensuring that they are properly looked after and have a good life. Keeping chickens, however, can be quite d [...]

Garden Design Idea: Classic English C...

Garden Design Idea: Classic English Country
“Contributed Post” When you’re landscaping a new garden from scratch or trying to shape your yard into a design you love slowly, it can be difficult to decide on what style you love the most. But, it’s hard not to agree that an English country garden is an excellent choice. With lush lawns, wildflower and beaut [...]

Create Intrigue And Mystery In Your G...

Create Intrigue And Mystery In Your Garden
“Contributed Post” Is your yard looking a little drab? Fear not: there’s plenty that you can do to beautify it in time for summer. Take a look at some of these incredible ideas. Create Curves Wikimedia Commons Have you ever been to somebody’s garden and wondered how they managed to create an atmosphere of intri [...]

3 Great Ideas For Gardens With No Gra...

3 Great Ideas For Gardens With No Grass!
“Contributed Post” These days, lots of people have gardens without grass. Sometimes, the reason for this is because they don’t want to deal with lawn maintenance. Other times, it’s simply because they’ve inherited a garden that didn’t have grass in it. Either way, you might think your options are limited without a grassy garden. [...]

Creating a Colourful Garden

Creating a Colourful Garden
“Contributed Post” When you look outside of your window, what do you see? A beautiful and well-designed garden, which is alive with vibrant colours? Or, a boring backyard that lacks colour and inspiration? If the latter applies, don’t worry; below you will find some top tips on how to create a gorgeous, colourful garden. [...]

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