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Easy Ways To Beautify Your Garden

Easy Ways To Beautify Your Garden
Summer is such a magical time. The kids use the garden to run around in all day, and us adults get to chill out in the garden at night. But what are the best and easiest ways of making your garden beautiful for the minimum effort? Read on to find out. Compost To get a gorgeous garden with the least amount of effort, using compost is essential [...]

Temporarily Transform Your Backyard f...

Temporarily Transform Your Backyard for Summer Fun
There’s still plenty of time to enjoy the summer with your kids. Even if they will soon be back at school, there are many longer days and weekends to take advantage of. I love spending time with the kids on a bright summer day. There are so many ways we can have fun together as a family. Packing up and going on a day trip can be great, [...]

EcoFarms Organic Vegetable Seed Gift ...

EcoFarms Organic Vegetable Seed Gift Box & Giveaway
Disclosure Do you love gardening or have thought about starting your own garden? Gardening is one of my most favorite hobbies of all time. There’s just something about growing my own veggies that really makes me happy and excited. Just recently I started some seedlings from some organic seeds from EcoFarms. [...]

10 Terrific Tips To Make Your Kids Mo...

10 Terrific Tips To Make Your Kids More Active In The Summer Holidays
School’s out and summer is in full swing. What better time of year to try and encourage your kids to be more active? Regular exercise has so many benefits for youngsters. It’s not just about building strength and keeping their hearts healthy. It’s also about meeting new people, playing by the rules, and working as a team. Do your kids prefer [...]

Unusual Ways To Utilize Garden Space

Unusual Ways To Utilize Garden Space
Picture link Whether your garden is big or small, it can be a place to relax and enjoy your outside space. With this in mind, here are some different ways to use your space and make the most of what you have. You can spend a fortune on making your garden not just beautiful but functional. So let’s look for ways to [...]

Create A Place Of Peace And Tranquili...

Create A Place Of Peace And Tranquility In Your Own Backyard With This Super Useful Guide
Our gardens and backyards are not utilized enough. Sure they can be places for your kids to play. They may be a great choice for entertaining your friends with a BBQ or drinks. But why don’t we take advantage of it when it comes to getting a bit of peace and tranquility back in our lives. The garden, when you think about it, is the perfect ch [...]

Bad Weather Coming? Here Is How To Ge...

Bad Weather Coming? Here Is How To Get Your Backyard Ready!
It’s never good when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Not only does it stop you from going outside, but it can cause damage to your backyard. Here is how you can get your backyard ready for bad weather. Put any toys away safely It’s easy to have toys outside in the backyard if your kids have been busy playing with them the day before. [...]

Picnic time with MIU COLOR Picnic Bla...

Picnic time with MIU COLOR Picnic Blanket
Disclosure I am so excited that the warmer weather has finally hit New England! Our family has been spending more time outside and we love it! One of our favorite things to do outdoors is have a picnic. It’s really fun to make up a really nice lunch with yummy snacks for the kiddos and either enjoy it in our own yard [...]

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