Have you heard of Citrus Lane? If you haven’t yet they are a company that sends boxes once a month with 4-5 different items tailored to your kiddos age, from ages newborn- 5.  We love waiting for that special surprise every month not knowing what is going to be in the box each time.  For $25/month and even less if you sign up for multiple months and that is with FREE shipping you get a full box. =) They also have a refer a friend program so anyone that signs up under you gets $10 off and you get $10 too . Pretty cool program. I have included a link below to save you $10 off your first box.

I’ve been a subscriber for a year now and sometimes I’m not completely happy with the box I get and this month was one of those times.  More times then not I’m very happy with our box.  This month’s box for a 1 year old included:

A sun proctection hat from iPlay which sells for $14, it was sized ages 6-18 months. It is very big on him. It’s wicked cute though with seagalls and lobsters on it, reminds me of Finding Nemo for some reason lol.

Sand Sieve from Haba. This is selling at $4.50. Not sure how often we will be hitting the beach but he will have fun with it  =)

Happy Tots Plus from Happy Family baby food pouch. I didn’t look up the price to this but  I assume around the $2 or less range. He hasn’t tried this yet but I’m happy that it’s organic. =)

Sunny Sunscreen SPF35 from Episencial – I was really glad to get this because it was on my list to pick up for the summer. I like that it is made without harsh chemicals. Was disappointed that it was less then half full? Not sure how much that sells for since it wasn’t filled as a full size product.

So a lot of great items but does not seem to total to the $25 I had paid for the box.

All in all though we love Citrus Lane and will always get their boxes =) You can check out my other reviews here and see just how great they are for you little on in your life. If you want to sign up and save $10 off your first box and pay only $15 and give it a try you can even cancel at any time!


  • Diana Villa

    This looks great! I going to check this for my little girl ^_^

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