Clean Ones “Pure Comfort Latex Free Gloves” Review


A very special Thanks to Kimberly at Clean Ones for providing me a wonderful product to review on my blog. =)

Being a mommy to 5 kiddos  I sure do A LOT of cleaning in our home. Dishes pile up quickly and there is ALWAYS laundry to do! With all that housework my hands are left pretty dry and rough. =(  I’m always worrying about what gets on my hands as well when cleaning the kitchen and especially in the bathroom! I use to use those ugly smelly yellow cleaning gloves that I know everyone has seen before but stopped using them years ago because I didn’t like how they fit, smelled and how liquids would drip down my arm while cleaning.

I was sent Clean Ones Pure Comfort Latex Free Gloves to review and am so glad that I had the opportunity to do so! =)


Clean Ones make a few different products to keep your hands clean and safe like household disposable, workin’ gloves, food handling, home health, and household reusable. The Pure Comfort Latex Free Gloves shown above have been especially designed to provide enhanced comfort while still protecting hands from cleaners, germs and messes.

Features of the Pure Comfort Latex Free Gloves include:

  • 100% Latex Free Vinyl Material
  • 100% BPA & Phthalate Free
  • Ultra Soft, Absorbent Lining
  • Contoured Fit for Added Dexterity
  • Non-slip Swirl Grip
  • Dermatologist Recommended to Prevent Skin Irritation
  • Awarded 2013 Parent Tested, Parent Approved Seal of Approval


Not only does Clean Ones sell great products but they also have a wonderful program called Clean Ones Cares that help support both local and national communities. In 2013 for their Fall Charitable Campaign, Clean Ones will donate 10% of the retail sales price of each specially marked packages of Pure Comfort to 4 Charities, with a minimum combined donation of $25,000! To learn more about their great program click HERE.

I’ve been using these gloves any time I clean, do laundry or tackle a job that I may want some extra hand protection for.  I love the moisture absorbent lining and have never seen that in any other cleaning glove I have used in the past. They don’t have that yucky rubbery smell either thanks to the odor free vinyl materials they use. They fit great, look great and I love knowing that my hands are protected. I can’t wait for Spring to roll around again so I can use a pair when I’m gardening next Spring. These will be perfect to garden with. =)

I highly recommend Clean Ones Pure Comfort Latex Free Gloves. You can find out more and purchase these same ones or ones like it by clicking HERE.

You can also find them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

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  • Tamega D.

    The name speaks for itself.

  • Nesca C

    Those are so pretty! I hate the typical yellow gloves.

  • Amanda Kirk

    I would love these. I use gloves a few times a week so these would be very useful! Thanks!

  • laura v

    I like the color of the gloves, I need these when I take my dog a bath or when I clean the bathroom.

  • Deborah Caudill

    Thanks so much for your review on the non latex gloves. They have everything good anyone could possibly want. I did burst out laughing out loud when I read the part you wrote about those poor fitting stinky yellow gloves that you said you quit wearing a while ago. The funniest part was when you wrote about the fluid running down your wrists into the gloves. That certainly brought back memories, but the way you wrote it was hilarious. I think everyone who has ever worn them knows exactly what you meant.

  • Katie H

    I could really use some new cleaning gloves – these sound fantastic!

  • Carolyn Colley

    these gloves sound great, I have to be so careful when I do any cleaning at all, I’m allergic to almost all cleaners, and I’m going more green on my cleaning supplies and some of them do me the same way and I think it is awesome that the company is involved with charities

  • eric rivera

    these are greta i have to use gloves for cleaning tattoo equipment so im curious how they would hold up to that job!

  • ashleyok

    nice review, thanks! I have eczema on my hands and I am supposed to avoid chemicals while cleaning, so these would be perfect. PLUS-pink! hehe

  • Cheryl F.

    I love the color of these gloves. Sounds like they work really well.

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