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A Special Thanks to CleanWell for providing me free product to review on my blog! =)

Everyone needs to wash their hands and clean their homes but lately there has  been a lot of talk about what we use and how it may contain harsh chemicals. I have personally tossed MOST of what I used to clean with in the trash a few months ago and purchase only products that contain no harsh chemicals. CleanWell sent me a couple of their products to review and they contain NO alcohol, Benzalkonium Chloride, Triclosan or other harsh chemicals. Their products use the power of Thyme which is an effective alternative that kills germs. They carry a few different products like foaming and liquid hand soap, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant cleaning sprays and wipes. Their products are safe around children, won’t sting cuts, are gentle on sensitive skin and leaves skin feeling soft. 

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Our family reviewed the Hand sanitizing wipes and the Botanical Disinfecting Wipes. The sanitizing wipes were perfect and I love the size of the package to take along with us. They are the right size to toss in your purse, diaper bag, pocket or whatever you may travel with. My kids are always touching things and of course they have germs on their hands so these are perfect while we are away from home.  I feel good knowing they are safe for my kiddos but will kill most of those pesky germs.

The Botanical disinfecting wipes were perfect as well. The wipes are of a great size as shown in picture above. These cleaners are formulated with a patented formulation of thyme oil that kills 99.9% of household germs botanically on hard, non porous surfaces. I have been  using these a lot! They are great to use on kitchen tables, high chairs, kitchen counters, and more.. These wipes are okay to use around the entire family including pets! They do not contain synthetic fragrances, dyes, ammonia alcohol or chlorine.

I highly recommend CleanWell products and you can click HERE to learn more.

Their products are available at Whole Foods Market, The Vitamin Shoppe, GNC,, regional grocery stores and a growing number of retailers.

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    Your welcome. =)

  • Tena Osborne

    Love it! I have to check these out. Im heading to Vegas in November for my daughters wedding. These will be perfect to pop in my suitcase! Thanks Bonnie!


    Thanks hun. =)

  • Diana Villa

    Those wipes looks great! Thank you for the great review ^_^

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