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Hey everyone! I have been so busy with everything else and of course getting some deals couponing I haven’t been able to post any of my trips lately! =(  The trip I’m posting about today was from the end of January. I would love to be able to post my trips the same day (sometimes I do) so I can help others match up their coupons and get the same deals. Hopefully some day It can be that way. =)

I’ll try to break this down as best as I can. All I know is every week I look at all my flyers and coupons and see what great deals are going on that week and plan my weekly trip. I have come to realize now, even though I don’t have a HUGE stockpile we have enough and from now I’m only going after Free or a really good deal! =) What I love about couponing the best besides saving money of course is getting items that can be donated to others in the time of need.

Ok so this week that I went shopping about this post I went to Shaws and the Dollar Tree.

A couple of weeks ago there was a pretty decent coupon out for Buy 2 Diogiorno get one free. That week Shaws had those pizzas as 2/$10 and you also get a bag of the EE Fries for FREE! So we got 3 pizzas and a bag of French fries for $10!  They have some pretty good deals on their weekly 3 day only sales from Friday-Sunday. That week I was able to get 2 5lbs bags of potatoes for $3!  (without coupons). I was going to skip on the Kens Salad dressing but after seeing they were the large bottles that turned out to be $1.50 a jar with my coupon I ended up getting 2. The Chi Chi items are a little harder to explain because I don’t exactly remember what the sales deal was but it turned out being between $1.50-$1.67 on the items and with my coupons all items I got between the salsa and the tortillas ended up being less than $1 per item. We love salsa and it’s healthy and very low-calorie so we stocked up on those. =) Gortons was a pretty good deal too at 25% and I had .50 coupons that doubled to a dollar. The Sargento cheese was $1.50 after coupons. Keebler crackers $1.50 after coupons. Turkey meatballs I think were 2 packages for $6. The musellmans applesauce turned out to be less than $1 each with coupons. The Campbells skillet was a $1 with coupon. Now normally I plan my trips with my coupons and tend to not getting anything else but sometimes like that day something will catch your eye that is on clearance. That day I found toothpaste that had a bonus mouthwash included and after my coupon it was $1 a box with the bonus mouthwash. I also found some Colgate toothbrushes for about a $1 each.

Total retail value of my trip was $170.30. Spent $83.24 with a savings of $87.06! =) It was only a savings of 54% but that works. =)


Most of the time I don’t really find coupon deals at the Dollar Store so I was pretty happy to find products that matched a few of my coupons. The Palmolive was $1 off 2 so it was like getting 1 for free, the same with the hand soap, and pepporoni. The deodorant was BOGO so same difference. =) Total price was $34.38, Out of pocket was $19.38. Savings of $15. $15 doesn’t seem like a lot compared to above but I look at it like getting $15 items for FREE.


So to recap from items that were absolutely free. I got the free pizza because of a buy 2 get 1 and the free fries that went with that. The pudding cups were $1 each I used $1 off 4 and had purchased 8 packages and paid $6 so 2 for free. The rest was from the dollar store that turned out to be 15 items for free because of the $15 off total.

I have a few more shopping trips to share with my couponing friends and hope to be able to post them in the near future. If your new to couponing and not sure where to get coupons; they can be found in newspapers (weekends usually), magazines and most often online at places like,,, There is also a lot of company websites you can sign up to and get coupons every once in a while.

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