Create Intrigue And Mystery In Your Garden

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Is your yard looking a little drab? Fear not: there’s plenty that you can do to beautify it in time for summer. Take a look at some of these incredible ideas.

Create Curves

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Have you ever been to somebody’s garden and wondered how they managed to create an atmosphere of intrigue? Usually, it’s because of their use of curve. Curves are a great way to give a garden an “Alice in Wonderland” feel. Curves partially obscure what’s coming up ahead, creating a sense of mystery and curiosity. Gently curving garden paths, surrounded by hedges on either side could lead anywhere. What guests can find at the end of them is up to you.

Go Black

According to garden designer Brian Minter, including dark plants in your garden helps to add to the magic. He says that purple foliage, in particular, provides an excellent contrast against the background greenery. He suggests installing dark-leaved begonias and dahlias.

Add High Points

Creating verticality in a garden isn’t usually all that difficult, especially if you’ve got trees. But creating striking verticality is more challenging. Minter suggests using classical columns in and around your flower beds and shrubs. He says that it’ll help lift the eyes off the ground and make the garden feel more three-dimensional and alive. What’s more, stunning columns will help to punctuate individual beds, adding interest. There’s a sense of mystery surrounding the ancient world, Minter continues, which is why columns can be so atmospheric.

Create A Large Formal Space

Large formal spaces can be a delight when you get them right. But unless you’ve been reading up on your spring lawn care tips, they can be disappointing. There’s nothing worse than a lawn that’s covered in moss or barren in some places. To create an effective formal space, the lawn has to be perfect.

Minter also offers some tips on how to make the formal space in your garden look bigger. If you can, make the formal space into a trapezoid shape, rather than a rectangle, with the narrow end of the trapezoid at the far end of the garden. Thanks to the way that the human eye works, the narrowing of the formal space at the far end will have the effect of making it appear longer than it is, increasing its apparent size. Yes, it’s an optical illusion, but it works.

Use Long Grasses To Cover Up Ugly Borders

Sometimes, the line between paths and beds can look a little unsightly. But that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do about it. One idea is to plant long, curving grasses that arch over any ugly paths, borders or beds. This way you conceal things you don’t like the look of while adding an extra species to your garden.

Put A Big Plant In A Large Pot


The problem with most flower beds is that they’re just too flat to create interest in the onlooker. To really get people excited, flowers need to rise up into the air. But how? One way is to put a large flowering plant in a pot that towers over the surrounding shrubs. Get ready to be impressed!

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