Daily Goodie Box for October

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I love free samples and get excited every time I open up my mail box and find something new to try. A few months ago I learned of the Daily Goodie Box, signed myself up and received a box shortly after. Signing up is super easy and is free to join!

daily goodie box, august daily goodie box, samples, freebies

Daily Goodie Boxes are free and also includes free shipping. You will never have to provide any payment information. All you have to do is share your thoughts after you try them. Pretty awesome right?! My Daily Goodie Box contained both sample sizes and also full-sized products this month.

I loved how well the box was packaged and after opening the box I found a nice welcome note on top of the goodies.

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Inside this months Daily Goodie Box was:

Mirabella – Glisten Eyeshadow Collection
Nellie’s- Wrinkle B Gone
Now & Later – Shell Shocked
Sun & Earth – Natural Laundry Detergent
Pirouline – Rolled Wafers
INKO’S – Organic Energy Drinks
Flathau’s Fine Foods – Key-Lime Snaps
Kur – Scandinavian Bite-Size Bar’s
Pure Cosmetics – Silicone Blender
To learn more and sign up to get a Daily Goodie Box visit dailygoodiebox.com.

(NOTE: Not everyone will receive a Daily Goodie Box each month. They are working hard though to send out as many boxes as they can but it’s not a guarantee and many factors do come into play).

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Have you ever gotten a Daily Goodie Box? What kind of goodies did you get in yours?

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