Diaper Dawgs Review & Giveaway! =)


A Special Thanks to Diaper Dawgs for providing me a set of Diaper Dawgs to review on my blog.

Calling ALL cloth diapering parents and others that are thinking of switching to cloth. Have I got a product that will make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to dealing with soiled cloth diapers! You have got to check out these Diaper Dawgs.

What the heck is Diaper Dawgs?

Diaper Dawgs are cute and of course look like little dogs, they are uniquely sized finger gloves that will act as a barrier between your hands and soiled cloth diapers and inserts. Anyone that knows me or follows my blog knows that I LOVE cloth diapering my little guy. Cloth diapers are pretty awesome and great for your child but we all know that some yucky situations come with that when it’s time to remove inserts from the soiled diapers or just touching them after they are soiled in general!


Diaper Dawgs come in two colored sets, the “Milo and Buddy” (blue and green, shown above) and “Molly and Bella (purple and pink) which complement any cloth diaper stash you may have and they are so cute! =) I’m enjoying not getting any poo on my hands when dealing with my sons soiled diapers. I wear them while I’m spraying out my sons diapers and when I have to remove inserts.

Cleaning the Diaper Dawgs are easy peasy just wash with warm water and antibacterial soap or you can even toss them into the microwave sterilization bags that’s just for you Daiper Dawgs. Now that I know of Diaper Dawgs I think every cloth diapering Mamma and Pappa need this to go with their cloth diaper stash. =) Would make a great gift this holiday season!

Want to have a pair of your own? Find them online by visiting HERE. You can also follow them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

Diaper Dawgs is also giving one of my lucky readers a chance to win a set of your choice of dawgs. Enter for a chance to win below. =)

Giveaway open to both U.S. and Canada!

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  • Jessica Gomez

    Would really like to try these.

  • Demitra McCabe

    my husband needs these 😛

  • Maegan Washington

    My fiance would really enjoy these. Such a great idea.

  • Sarah mccarty

    I like the idea of using these…. They remind me of the plastic oven mitts.

  • Nesca C

    I think these are really cute but somehow i think some of your hand might still get messy even with the small barrier. I think I would prefer a whole glove just to be safe but this is definitely cute and could have other uses.

  • Aurora P

    I’m kind of yucky with everything related to poo & pee, so these are perfect for me!

  • Tamega D.

    This is neat I would love to win these.

  • Rebecca T

    These look great, much better than touching everything…or using disposable gloves.

  • Elayna

    Ohmygosh…. I hate getting my hands dirty. These would be so helpful to have!

  • Amanda Olson

    Awesome idea!!

  • One Southern Girl

    Love the idea behind these… because I dislike touching the wet inserts too! Not to mention, they’re pretty cute, too! 🙂

  • Gina Blomgren

    Those are perfect! My husband is leery of cloth diapering because he thinks he will be touching poop lol (isn’t that everyones thought that don’t cloth diaper!?)


    Wow….those look pretty awesome!

  • Renee H.

    These would come in handy for the hubby lol and it helps how cute they are 🙂

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