DIY No-Sew Curtains


 Every time I walk  through the craft section at the store I always wished I knew how to be crafty and make all those cool things. I’m one that does not know how to sew either. Apparently it’s not something that comes to me easy and I wished it did. Maybe someday when my kids get older and life slows down I can learn.

I was thinking though a couple of weeks ago since my kids don’t like using the flat sheets in their comforter sets that instead of them just being folded up in the closet for nothing, how about making some curtains with them? At first I thought about paying someone to make the curtains but then realized it probably would be cheaper just to go out and buy the curtains at the store.  I decided to tackle the project myself. I ended up making 5 curtains for less than $4 dollars! And I didn’t have to sew one bit. 😉


 What you’ll need: (I used)

  • A good pair of scissors that cut good (dull ones will tear the fabric even more)
  • Flat sheet (or you can always buy the material at the store as well)
  • Pen or Pencil to mark your spots
  • Iron
  • HeatNBond for Fabrics (Ultrahold)
  • Tape Measure


Steps I used to make the curtains:

  • First I measured my children’s windows to see how wide and long the curtains needed to be. I gave myself some extra inches in the material just in case I messed up. 😉
  • After getting all measurements I took the sheets and marked on the material where I needed to cut. Note: I found it easier working on the second curtain where I folded the material and then cut so it made a straight line.
  • After cutting it; it left the other 3 sides unsewn and open to fibers tearing and of course not so pretty. This is where the HeatNBond came in. Directions are pretty easy and you just cut the amount you need and lay across where you want it to bond together.  You then use your iron on steam only and press it on until it heats to the fabric, let cool; pull off paper film; then fold fabric over and iron again.
  • First for the bonding part I folded over one of the long sides and then the bottom part of the curtain.
  • The last part was the top where I needed to fold over the fabric to make a large enough hole for the curtain rod to go through.


 All I had to pay for was the HeatNBond which was $1,99 each. I ran out and had to buy another so for less than $4 I was able to make 5 curtains for all their windows.  It was frustrating at times and took some patience for me but I think they came out very well. Maybe I am a little crafty after all. 😉

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  • Fabulous Perks

    I cannot stay away from the craft section myself.

  • Eileen

    Lovely bright designs and colors! I believe I am crafty too but not for tedious stuff like sewing. I am more of the “hammer, nail and saw” kind of crafty which is kinda weird for a woman who is almost half a century old. Haha.

  • Neva @ Retire for the fun of it

    You did a great job of creating curtains that are perfect for your children’s rooms. The fact that you were able to make them so easily and quickly shows a very creative mommy at work.

  • Nate

    Looks awesome! With some creativity and a little bit of time you can make something look really cool!

  • Liliana Marsden

    I think they are great and as already said perfect match for the bedding.

    So you should congratulate yourself, you are crafty 😉

  • Heather

    These look fantastic. And so easy 🙂

  • Felicia

    They look great! I’d never thought of using a sheet but it’s perfect.

  • Jesenia

    Great idea! I personally can’t sew, so this is great! Thanks for sharing!

  • Alexandra McAllister

    WOW! You did so well! AND you’ve made it look so easy! For sure, I am going to follow your instructions on my next project. I like the idea of matching the curtains with the bedding. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Danielle Jones

    Kids rooms just need something simple and that was a good idea to get a perfect match to their bedding.

  • Christina Dutra

    they look great !! good job 🙂

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