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A Special Thanks to Wendy’s Bloggers  on behalf of Fischer Pharmaceuticals for providing me these wonderful products to review on my blog. =)

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I received a few different Dr. Fischer products to review with my little guy and myself. Fischer Pharmaceuticals is a world leader in the development and manufacture of advanced health care preparations in the fields of Dermatology, Opthalmology and Nutraceuticals. They offer a lot of different products to suit your families needs.

We received Dr. Fischer EYE-CARE for Baby, Dr. Fischer Kamil Blue Moisturizing Soapless Soap, Dr. Fischer Sensitive Baby Wipes, Dr. Fischer EMOL Baby Bath Oil, and Dr. Fischer EYE-CARE for adults. I had never heard of Dr. Fischer products prior so I was very interested to review and learn more…


The Dr. Fischer EYE-CARE for Baby are Purified Cleansing Wipes that are formulated for baby’s delicate eyelids and lashes. They are Tearless, Rinse-Free, Sensitive approved, and hypoallergenic. They come in individual packs that are pre-moistened. Baby Eye-Care Wipes clean all fatty excretions, sticky crusts, scales, and flakes from the eyelids and lashes. These have been great to use on my little guy especially this time of year. He’s been battling a cold the past couple of weeks so he has been waking up with some gooey eyes some mornings and these are great to get rid of those extra secretions. I find that these are also great for my older children as well.

I was able to review something similar;  the Dr. Fischer EYE-CARE for Adults which is also Tearless, Rinse-Free, and Preservative Free. They are great for cleaning the eye area of ocular secretions, scales and make-up. I really like these a lot! They are perfect to use right after waking up. As soon as I wake up I use these in my routine in the morning and they feel nice and fresh on my eyelids and around my eyes. It really wakes me up and helps start my day. I find they are great in the evening as well when I am removing my makeup. =)


We use cloth wipes on our little guy but was able to review the Dr. Fischer Sensitive Baby Wipes. They provide quality cleansing with extra thick and soft wipes for maximum baby care and comfort. They are highly absorbent, alcohol and color-free, hypoallergenic, and tested and approved for sensitive skin. The Ingredients include: Moisturizing Pro-Vitamin B5 with soothing Chamomile & Allantoin. Vitamin A & E antioxidant protection against free radicals. These wipes worked pretty well for us. I love how they are thicker then normal wipes and really helped clean my little guys bottom. We also used the Dr. Fischer EMOL Baby Bath Oil and Dr. Fischer Kamil Blue Moisturizing Soapless Soap. Both of these products are great for babies and the whole family. They work very well to help those that have sensitive skin or suffer from dry skin. The Kamil Blue Soapless Soap is specially formulated to protect baby’s sensitive skin and to gently cleanse and prevent dryness. I like how the Kamil Blue is gentle on my son’s skin and isn’t strong and has a pleasant fragrance.

The EMOL Baby Bath Oil is perfect for anyone that has Dry and delicate skin. The wash is extra skin-friendly – 100% soap-free, SLS and preservative free. You will see immediate results the very first time you use it! Three out of 5 of my children suffer from either dry skin or eczema and always complaining of itchy skin. I couldn’t wait to use the Baby Bath Oil to help calm their skin. This stuff is amazing and I love how it moisturizes their skin and helps keep it from getting dry especially this time of year.

These products are wonderful and we highly recommend them. You can learn more by clicking HERE.

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Disclosure: I participated in this event on behalf of Wendy’s Bloggers for Fischer Pharmaceuticals Ltd. I received Dr. Fischer products to facilitate my review. All opinions are of our own. WEMAKE7 only recommends products or services that we use personally and think would be good for our readers. If you have any questions, concerns or want to see your product reviewed/featured on WEMAKE7 you can contact Bonnie at mommato5kiddos@aol.com.

  • Kelly Ann T.

    Today, is the first time I have heard of this line of products. I would love to try them out. Thank you.

  • Ashley Despain

    I’ve never tried them before but I am excited to try the soapless soap!

  • JJ Caraway

    No I have never tried Dr Fischer products before but would love to win and have the chance to try them out.

  • Shelly Vandyne

    I’ve Never tried Dr. Fischer’s line of products before. Really Like the Kamil Blue Moisturizing soapless soap

  • Jessica Gomez

    Have never tried before but would love to try the bath wipes and baby bath oil

  • Tena Osborne

    I haven’t tried them, I wasn’t aware of them till now. Dr. Fischer Eye Care for adults looks very inviting. I would like to try these they sound neat and would be great before putting in contacts.

  • Crystyn haun

    Never tried but I would love to try it all!!!

  • Tamega DuBose

    I never tried this line of products before.

  • Chelsea B

    I am excited most for the soap. I’ve been looking for a natural alternative to Johnson’s baby wash

  • April Yushka

    I have not tried any of these products before. I am excited to try the Kamil Blue Soapless Soap for Baby.

  • ashleyok

    Never tried them. The eye care looks very interesting!! We go through a lot of wipes, too. LOL

  • kristen visser

    i have not tried their products before but im really interested to try baby wipes and baby bath oil!

  • Cheryl F.

    I haven’t tried Dr. Fischer products yet.

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