Duux Baby Projector Review


I have got the coolest product I have ever owned to tell you about! I love all sorts of cool new gadgets for my kiddos when they become available. Since I know my youngest son is my last baby I am always trying to find the next new product to own. Imagine a company that makes electronics and gadgets that are made for US parents. After all WE are the ones using them aren’t we? Duux does just that. They are different, and that is not a bad thing! =) Their products are based on neutral colors versus the blues and pinks. They worry more about quality and reliability of their products, and pay a lot of attention to ease-of-use and that in itself is more important to me as a parent then colors.


Duux carries products like baby projectors, humidifiars and air purifiers. We had the pleasure to review the Duux baby projector with night-light and lullabies. My little guy was moved to his own bedroom about 6 months ago and still has a hard time going to bed. We have been using a white noise machine with nightlight but the light isn’t very bright. We were definitely excited to see what the baby projector from Duux would do for his bedtime routine.

The Duux baby projector has multiple colors-projecting stars on the ceiling in green, blue and orange; voice activation-automatically turns on the lights when the baby starts crying, sweet lullabies make sure your baby is at total ease with built-in lullabies. Features include:

  • 3 different lights colors
  • separate nightlight function
  • voice activation
  • built-in lullabies
  • low power consumption
  • cold LED’S (no heat)
  • auto shut down timer


This baby projector is awesome! I love how you can choose to either use the nightlight on it’s on or with the different colors to project stars on the ceiling. I personally love the green color option. =)  The other colors are beautiful as well. It’s pretty neat how when my little guy wakes up in the night the lights turn back on as soon as he cries. The lullabies are pretty neat too and they are not like any traditional lullaby I have ever heard. They are very unique and that’s what I like most about them. I never have to worry about the projector getting too hot because they use cold LED’s so there is no heat and after 30 minutes it shuts off on it’s own anyway for more peace of mind.

My little guy loves looking up at the ceiling at all the stars and the moon. It really calms him and he seems to love it. It has really helped with his bedtime routine. This product is great. I highly recommend it and think you would like it too. =)

You can learn more about Duux and their other products by visiting www.DuuxUsa.com. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • nicole gervais

    I love all of it great product light, music

  • Cathy P

    I love the voice activation.

  • Angela Rhodes Ingles

    I love the auto shut off feature – hopefully with this feature it would last a long time!

  • Gina H.

    I like the voice activation.

  • Amelia Jarvis

    I LOVE the auto shut off feature and the voice activation!!!

  • Deb Charte

    My favorite feature would have to be the stars on the ceiling!

  • courtney b

    i love that it turns off on it’s own!!!

  • Cheryl Rahkonen

    My favorite feature is the lullabies.

  • ashlie elari

    I really like that u can use the night light or the stars. My baby will only sleep with a light on so this would be great

  • Robin Abrams

    I love the 3 different light colors.

  • carrie steele

    I like the separate nightlight function & the cold LED’S (no heat) this is the neatest baby projector i have ever saw than k you for sharing

  • Evelyn Chuter

    So many things I love about this projector. I love that it holds lalabyes and I love that it comes on when baby cries. But the stars and lights are awesome too.

  • misty farmer

    the shapes r neat and also the colors!

  • terra

    I like the projections, and the led light.

  • meganjulia

    i like that it can project on the ceiling it would help my son

  • ioana c.

    i love that they use LED light!!

  • Jennifer Hiles

    I like the unique lullabies!

  • Jocelyne ortiz

    it lights up and the shapes

  • Candy Stephenson-Otoya

    I love it has LED lights and use as a nightlight!

  • dania cioffi

    I love that it projects stars and has a color choice.

  • Jennifer Hiles

    I like that it uses LED’s and has an auto shutoff at 30 minutes.

  • Jayna E

    I like that it has no heat LEDs and it shuts off after 30 minutes on its own!

  • Sharayah

    I like that it has cold LED’s and a power adapter!

  • Renee H.

    I love that it will come on in the middle of the night if baby cries.

  • Sherry S.

    My favorite features are the auto shut off and the led lights.

  • Wendy Mastin

    I like that there is built-in lullabies

  • Wendy Mastin

    I like that they use cold LED’s so there is no heat

  • angelia medlin

    I love the idea of having stars glowing on the ceiling of my son’s room. It seems so peaceful to have. Plus, its a night light too. Great idea! Love it!

  • mindy cole

    the shapes and colors

  • savannah logan

    I love that its effective and actually projects through out the whole room! I’ve tried several that just do a section and my kids fell asleep in weird positions so that they could see the projections.

  • Tiffany H

    I love the auto shut off and the led lights.

  • Teresa Honores

    love the lullabyes and the different colors it displays in the sky!

  • joanna garcia

    i love the nightlight and diff colors and the music totally awesome!

  • Lilia Kharabora

    The built-in lullabies is a fantastic feature! This will be brilliant for the new baby 🙂

  • Samantha S

    Love the different colors.

  • Gina

    I love that it doesn’t get too hot. That would make me so nervous!

  • Pauline Milner

    I really like that you can choose the stars reflection or the night light option. Thank you for the super giveaway opportunity. Keep up the terrific blogging.

  • Carissa Joslyn

    Voice activation! that’s the coolest part!

  • Tena Osborne

    I really like the cold LEDs. This makes for less worries.

  • Jessica Gomez

    Love the colors

  • Jeannette

    I love the voice activation and the 3 different color options! My boys would LOVE this!!

  • Marina C

    My son loves stars!! Plus it Changes colors! Super cool!

  • Diana Cote

    I love the voice activation. How awesome is it that it turns back on when they cry? I think this feature would be perfect for our child.

  • Hanna J

    I like when it turn on when the baby cries, love the colors very calming

  • Tina ceron

    The different color lights…..

  • melissa d

    can use as a nightlight to. different colors

  • judy mitchell

    i love that it turns back on if the baby cries

  • Rachel Malone

    My favorite part is that it projects moon and stars, which are my sons favorite

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