Easy Ways To Beautify Your Garden

Summer is such a magical time. The kids use the garden to run around in all day, and us adults get to chill out in the garden at night. But what are the best and easiest ways of making your garden beautiful for the minimum effort? Read on to find out.


To get a gorgeous garden with the least amount of effort, using compost is essential. The more compost you use, the better and stronger, your plants and flowers will grow, and let be honest what is a garden without the flora?

Remember that soil quality varies widely from place to place. You can’t always be sure that what you have in your backyard will provide the best environment for the flowers you are trying grow. You can either turn the soil over to mix it with the compost, or you can use tubs with just color. While this will cost a bit more, it’s a lot less effort, and you are pretty much guaranteed, that you garden will be awash with glorious flowers.


A patio or deck is essential for sitting and appreciating the summer sun. If money is tight, then it’s cheaper to install your own. But with digging out the ground, creating the structure and installing the decking, it is actually a lot easier to get someone to do this for you.

Once you have you patio or deck, then you can decorate it as you see fit. If course you will want some garden furniture like these wooden ones from L.R. Woodworking. Or you can go for some wrought ironwork or even an inflatable couch.

Don’t forget a table too, so you can take your meals outside and have friends and family over for a cookout. Or even a luxurious sun lounger for relaxing weekends and evenings, where you can close your eyes and pretend you are on holiday.


Another easy way to beautify your garden into plant in layers. It is pretty simple, it just takes a little research before buying. The idea is that you have three levels of plants – tall, medium and small. The tall goes at the back; the medium sized in the middle and the low at the front. In this way you will have the benefit of lots of different colors and textures in a single bed. It also means that you can see them all easily, rather than having just a block of one sort of plant.

Garden Signs



If you have kids or are a fan of the whimsical look, why not jump on board with the garden sign trend that is popular at the moment? Made from metal or wood, you can get a range of signs that will brighten up your garden. Or try some simple DIY and have a go at them yourself? Wood blanks are available here, you can either hand paint the letters, or use transfers of you prefer.  You can make an Alice in Wonderland style signpost this way that way or point towards the herb garden or the kids play area.

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