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Thank you TADgreen, Inc. for sending me these lovely new ebody products for free to review.

Some of you may have heard of e-cloth and currently use their products in your home already.  They offer products for pets, cleaning tasks, room cleaning, general cleaning, and even cloths for your car-bike-boat. They now have a wonderful line of ebody Spa Collection items that consist of Cleansing pads, Face cleanings Mitts, Exfoliating Body Mitts, Hair Turbans, Gym Towels, Sports & Travel Towels and Luxury Towels.

With ebody their mission is to bring chemical-free cleaning into the health and beauty experience by supplying at a good value the most effective and most environmentally friendly cleansing and drying technology available. Also their single-minded focus on high performance cleaning has created a range of products that clean entirely without chemicals, using just water! Now how great is that?

The new ebody Spa Collection captures e-cloth’s latest fiber technology to create a luxurious health and beauty experience.

  • Gentle, effective cleansing and exfoliating
  • No need to use harsh chemical lotions or scrubs on your skin
  • Ideal for allergy suffers
  • Healthier for you, your family and guests
  • Reduces the use of cleansing chemicals by up to 90%
  • ebody lasts for years
  • Better for the environment


I got to review the Face Cleansing Mitt, Hair Turban, Exfoliating Body Mitt, and the Eye Cleansing Pad.  The Eye Cleansing Pad is perfect for removing eye makeup and mascara. You just place your index finger in one of the pockets and dampen with water and create a light later with your regular soap. I really liked the cleansing pad because lately I have been watching what I use on my body and want to use a more natural approach to cleaning my body as well.  The exfoliating Body Mitt was easy to use as well. Just slide the mitt onto either hand you prefer to use and dampen with water and create a light lather and rub all over your skin. These mitts gently remove dead skin cells while you wash! It also stimulates and tones your skin to keep it looking firm and radiant.


My 2 favorites were the Face Cleansing Mitt and the Hair Turban. The Face Cleansing Mitt quickly and gently removes all make-up and lotions from your face and neck. It also eliminates dirt, excess oil & skin impurities from the pores, leaving your face feeling clean and fresh! I love how my clean and fresh my face feels after using the Mitt. Pretty simple to use like the others; just place the mitt onto either hand, dampen with water and create a light lather. Hate what your blow dryer is doing to your hair by its heat? The ebody  hair Turban is great! It uses Micro-Dry technology which dries 4x’s faster than cotton. It is ideal for any hair lengths. Also easy to use. All these products are guaranteed for 300 washes!

You can learn more about the ebody line and sign up for their emails at  http://www.ecloth.com/

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I did receive products for review purpose. All opinions stated are my own.

  • Bo

    The hair turban sounds great! I try to use a towel to wrap my hair but the total is so big and bulky that it’s uncomfortable and falls off frequently. This would be perfect!

  • I could use something like the hair turban and the face cleansing mitt. I really need to stop blow drying my hair and when I wear makeup the eyeliner is still there.

  • Hello, This is a new product for me. It sounds really like to be able to remove eye make up so easily. I love hair turbans, I use a microfiber one all the time. Thank you. Vicki.

  • Hannah J

    Love that they are good for the environment. Never heard of the company before,but I think I need to check them out.

    Check out my blog at:

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  • Melodie brower

    Wow, I have to say that I had never heard of ebody prior to reading this review but you definitely have me interested. I love the idea of using less of other products on my skin, thanks


    Thanks hun 🙂 There will be a giveaway starting on the 3rd for a free Hair Turban. 🙂

  • Diana Villa

    Great review! I need check those 🙂

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