A special Thanks to Ella’s Kitchen for providing my little guy some yummy pouches and cookies to review.


Ella’s Kitchen was started by Ella’s Dad- Paul. He believes kids should grow up knowing that healthy food can be tasty, fun and cool.  That’s why they make sure that all their yummy 100% organic food appeals to all senses. Perfect for little hands to grab.

*100% organic baby and kids food                    *Unique flavor combinations

*NO added sugar, salt, or water                         *Great for out and about!

*NO added preservatives or vitamins               *Fun to add to recipes-check out our recipes online!

*NO concentrates, juices or purees                   *Designed by kids for kids

*NO lumps or bits and nothing artificial          *Store at room temperature or in the fridge/freezer until opened.

*BPA free packaging





Ever since I have learned what is means to live more greener and what foods are better for my family that’s all I want for them now. I try my best to make my son homemade organic baby food but the reality is sometimes time doesn’t allow for all that preparing. When life gets busy (which seems to be all the time 😉 ) we use Ella’s Kitchen baby food pouches. I feel very confident giving my son their organic pouches, they have no added sugar, salt or any preservatives and my son absolutely  loves them too! The way he slurps down the pouches I would assume that they taste wayy better then what I make haha.  They have soo many choices from First Tastes, Fruit & Baby Rice, Ella’s 1 Baby Food, Baby Brekkie, Ella’s 2 Baby Food, Yum Yummy Cookies, Nibbly Fingers, and Smoothie Fruits. Another great thing I love about Ella’s pouches is they are very easy to travel with! Just throw some in your purse or diaper bag when your out and about and your good to go. We also make sure we have some yum yummy cookies or nibbly fingers on us while we are away from home when our little guy may want a snack. My son loves all of Ellas’ Kitchen foods that he has tried so far but his favorite is the yum yummy apple + ginger baby cookies and mangoes mangoes mangoes.

Do you know that Ella’s kitchen has now come out with an awesome cookbook? I can’t wait to see what other recipes they have come up with. One recipe we use pretty regularly which also can include my older children is adding a pouch or 2 of Ella’s to the pancake mix to add some fruity goodness.  All my kids love it! It helps get that fruit serving in with their breakfast.


 If you haven’t visited Ella’s Kitchen yet you can visit there website here. If you sign up to be their friend you can be the first to know about new coupons, recipes, store locations, and yummy new products.  You can also follow them on twitter and facebook. You can get a .55 cents off coupon  just for joining. 🙂

Ella’s products can be found nationally at Target, Kroger, buybuyBaby and online at diapers.com and amazon.com. You can also check out their where-to-buy section on their website to find a place near you.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I received product for review purpose. All opinions stated are of my own.

  • Jennifer

    I absolutely love that they’re organic and bpa free and that they have a range of flavors… kids shouldnt just be eating bananas rice and applesauce! 🙂

  • Deb C

    Thanks for the review – I bought some of these for my grandson try!

  • Linda Bradshaw

    My grandson would love these pouches.

  • rebecca german

    We love Ella’s products here! Especially the blueberry and pear brekkie and the red one. Thanks!

  • Paris

    my toddle love this product

  • Cindi T

    Thanks for the great review- it’s great to hear about news products!

  • Heather T

    YUM!!! Ella’s Kitchen is good stuff!

  • Julie R

    My son loves Ella’s Kitchen fruit squeezies too! It’s also nice since I have a hard time getting him to eat his veggies…they just sneak some in there with the fruit 🙂

  • Kristin

    I love Ella products! Their pouches are so convenient and I love that they are all organic and non-GMO! I’ll have to check out their cookbook!

  • We love Ella’s!!! 🙂 My 3.5 year old still eats them! And our 9 month old can’t get enough! 🙂

  • Celia

    I DID make all of my daughters baby food, but now buy pouches for snacks on the go & fruit purée to mix in plain oatmeal (she’s almost 3) I haven’t tried these yet though. The combos look good, but Earth’s Best is usually cheaper. This kind of stuff is easier when traveling or just out!

  • marissa lee

    my daughter just love these pouches.

  • marissa lee

    what a cutie pie…pancakes are my daughters favorite..thank you for sharing.

  • breebot

    awesome 🙂


  • Diana Villa

    Great review! He is so cute and looks so happy, I going to check this for my little girl <3

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