Essential Safety Checks to Ensure Everything in Your Home is Safe and Sound

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When you have children, you suddenly become acutely aware of risks and hazards that you would not have paid attention to before. Their safety becomes your key priority, and you will do absolutely everything in your means to make sure that they are always kept well out of harm’s way. When it comes to the outside world, you only have so much control over the environment and things that your child will come into contact with. But in your home, at least, you have a much firmer grip on your child’s living conditions and the environment. Some things go without saying, while others slip by unnoticed, even by the most vigilant of people. Here’s a run through of things that you should check up on to have a perfect childproof and child-friendly home.

Smoke Alarms

Make sure that you have working smoke detectors on each level of your home. Regularly check that it is working and replace the batteries as soon as they become low. Fire can wreak havoc and cause devastation to a home and its inhabitants. So it’s important that problems are identified as soon as possible and you are made aware of them. Even if you are asleep and it is the middle of the night. If you want to take extra precautions, make sure that you and your family members all know the fastest routes out of the home. You can also install a sprinkler system, which will put out flames before they have the chance to spread.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer. You won’t be able to detect it yourself, as it isn’t visible and doesn’t have a distinctive smell or taste. You can protect yourself with a carbon monoxide detector. This will alert you to excess levels of the gas in your home, allowing you to evacuate the building and call for help.


Many people will not know about The down bedding law label – how to know what’s inside your down pillows and comforters. Ensure that any bedding you purchase has one of these disclosure labels attached. It shows authenticity and will let you know the complete contents of your bedding. If you have been sold down bedding, you want your little ones to sleep safe and sound in it. The quality label will ensure that no toxic or harmful chemicals were used in the process of bleaching feathers, so your children will not be in direct contact with irritants or fumes.

Electrical Sockets

If you have young children, make sure that all unused sockets have a plastic cover. This will prevent them from putting little fingers into the mains supply, or even worse, metal objects that they may have got their hands on.

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Cleaning Products

We tend to keep cleaning products under the sink, but this is an area that children will be able to gain easy access to. If you prefer keeping items here, make sure that cupboard has a lock and the key is kept well out of the reach of your kids. If not, keep products in higher cupboards or shelves. This prevents the chances of your children exposing themselves to harsh chemicals. Many products like bleach will have a childproof cap, but it’s still better to be safe than sorry. You don’t want your little one mistaking a bottle of disinfectant for juice.

Blind Cords

Blind cords pose a serious risk to young children’s safety. If they reach the ground, toddlers and small children can easily become entangled in them. This can result in serious injury, or in extremely unfortunate cases, death. Remove the risk from your home completely. Cut cords short or replace shutter blinds and roller blinds with curtains. They can look just as good, block out light equally effectively and will be much more child-friendly. That’s one less worry off your mind.

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Avoid Ponds

Ponds and water features may be a beautiful addition to the garden of any home. But they are really not worth the risk. You may supervise your child around them, but if you take your eye off them for just a second they could slip in. Even shallow ponds pose a serious threat. So avoid them at all costs. If you already have a pond in your yard, put a fence around it that is high enough that your child cannot climb over it. Alternatively, consider filling it in. You can always place something else where it was. Perhaps plant a tree or build a Wendy house instead.

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