Fabulous Fall Fun Ideas For Kids

As the weather begins to cool, it can seem like long lazy days outdoors are gone for another year. Most kids will have spent a huge amount of time outdoors, enjoying the fresh air and making the most of the available sunlight. When the nights begin to come in quicker, it can feel almost cruel to trap them indoors after a summer of being almost-wild.

Contrary to suggestion, the fun in the garden doesn’t need to end once school starts up again. It may not be the time for ice creams and tending to pot plants, but there is still plenty to do to stave off the darkness of winter for a little longer. If you’re smart about it, you can even tie up a few chores being completed with kid-friendly fun.

  1. Build An Insect House

The great thing about insect houses (apart from the fact they’re so beneficial) is that they don’t need to be tidy. In fact, it’s preferable if they’re somewhat rustic and haphazard. You’re trying to impress a bunch of insects, not the editor of Homes and Gardens. Encourage your kids to forage for wood and broken branches, and check in regularly to see how your new neighbors are doing.

On a similar theme, kids love watching wild birds, and birds need extra nutrition through winter. A few cheap feeders can provide hours of entertainment, and vital avian sustenance as well.


  1. Play With Leaves


Image courtesy of Vera Kratchochvl

As the leaves orange and fall, it’s time for the old staple – playing with leaves. Throw them around, roll in them and just let kids go wild. When they’re done, promise a quick reward if they then sweep and dispose of them. Not only have they had fun, but you’ve also got rid of a boring chore as well

  1. Go All Out For Halloween…


Image courtesy of Stock Free

Halloween doesn’t need to be restricted to October, especially if you turn it into a “fall celebration”. Use hay bales, decorations and pumpkins to create a spooky, autumnal theme. Games like apple bobbing are perfect for this time of year.

  1. … Including Planning A Party


Image courtesy of Artsmile

If you have never done a full Halloween party before, this might be the year to start. The sooner you begin planning, and the more involved that kids are, the better it’s all going to come together. Remember to focus on security too, as kids parties attract a lot of attention. Only allow entrance to people who have been invited and use a privacy fence for any onlookers. You’ll feel safer and have a better time because of it.

  1. Prepare For Next Spring


Image courtesy of George Hodan

Some planting beds are best prepared beforehand, especially if you intend to plant vegetables. Get green fingered habits started young by encouraging children to help. Assign them their own bed and even make it a competition. You can also plant winter vegetables and flowers, so you have a bit more color even through the colder months. Holly is easy to grow and flourishes in winter, as well as being perfectly Christmassy.

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