First Love Always Hurts

Everyone has those days when they just feel like they can’t do anything. Those days where you’re you don’t wanna leave your bed, the days where you’re sad and tired. Well recently I just went through a terrible break up and for a week I felt terrible and I never wanted to leave my bed. I was upset and felt sick and tired all the time. I still went to school but when I saw him I broke down. Everything was hard to do without feeling nauseous all the time, but my mom would help me through it. She kept me out of bed and didn’t let me just cry all day. She took me out for rides, had one on one time with me, and helped me keep my mind off it. It still hurt but eventually I started feeling less and less sick, and I didn’t cry for once. I was starting to feel better. I realized that I’m only 16 and that I have many more years to come. So I started to smile and ignore it, ignore him, ignore the whole situation. It still hurts me from time to time but that’s gonna happen, he was my first love, my longest relationship, so it will hurt.

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