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Have you tried Fit Fruit & Vegetable Wash yet? I have seen it in the stores for awhile now but never really thought we needed a product like that. I always thought just washing your fresh fruits and veggies were enough. I have heard a lot of stories of people getting sick or even dieing after eating different fruit and veggies because of different germs and such found on them. Stories like that SCARE me!

Fit Fruit & Vegetable Wash is a better way to clean your fresh fruits and vegetables. New Fit Fruit & Vegetable Wash is specially formulated to be used on foods, with 100% natural ingredients- like baking soda, grapefruit oil and citric acid. Fit removes 98% more unwanted wax and chemical residues then water alone. Fit rinses away, leaving the taste nature intended!

I love how they have a spray and also a bottle of the liquid as well. For our fruits like pears and apples we use the spray, rub the fruit for a few moments then rinse with water. We eat a lot of salads so the bowl that Fit Wash has for purchase is great! Just pour a capful of the Fit wash in the bowl, add water, (1 capful for every 1/2 gallon of water), make enough solution to cover what your cleaning, let it soak then rinse.

We really love this stuff and ALWAYS use it when we need to clean our fruits and veggies. I highly recommend using this product! You can find Fit in most grocery stores and you can vist their website at

Thanks for reading my review! =)

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  • Rachel Malone

    I love fit, just wish I could find it in a store near me 🙂

  • Diana Villa

    This looks so interesting! I want try this for sure. Thanks xoxo ^_^

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