Flatten Me Book Review




 What is FlattenMe? you may ask. They are  a wonderful company that carries personalized gifts. They sell books that have your childs photo or just their name in it, journals, wall art, t-shirts and even water bottles. Their gifts are amazing. When I received my son’s ABC & 123 book I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. My son’s cute little face on the caterpillar on the front cover melted my heart. =)  The book is well made and just simply breathtaking. I had never seen or owned anything like this before and still in awe.


 Each page had a different letter of the alphabet from A-Z and as you can see in the photo above my son’s name was used in the wording and also for the faces. =) I was so happy when we hit the letter M and there was my little monkey face on there. =) I call my son my little monkey so that was perfect and really awesome. My little guy loves this book and it’s such a great way to help teach him his ABC’s and 123’s. We will cherish this book for the years to come.

Right now FlattenMe is having a great 20% off sale on their website until 9/30/2013 on their T-Shirts, water bottles and this same exact book. Now that is a great deal. You have really got to check them out, holidays are just around the corner and their items would make a perfect gift! Use code: BACK2SCHOOL when ordering.

You can visit their website at www.flattenme.com and check out all their wonderful products. Don’t forget to follow them on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, AND PINTEREST.

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  • Brittaney Hall

    I think this is a great idea, my daughter would absolutely love being able to see herself while she is reading and learning and I think that it would hopefully help her stay interested a little longer.

  • Samantha s Brown

    these are so cute and great for prsesnts i love it 🙂

  • Christa Lopez

    This is so adorable!!!

  • Krystal Dunlap

    Nice review my is would love this.

  • This is a great book I love that they put your childs name in it

  • Julie Wood

    This is a wonderful book that can have the child’s photo and name in the book so it is personalized for them. I think that this is a terrific idea and a really nice item to get and give to a loved one!

  • Sandy VanHoey

    Personalized items are awesome and I know one of my granddaughters has a bear that says her name and she adores it because of that. Very cute book

  • johnnie bowers

    Fun idea!

  • Em Ma

    What a cute idea! This would make a perfect gift for my neice.


    Thanks Rachel =)

  • Jennifer Halstead

    The book looks absolutely wonderful! I think it’s awesome they even put your picture in it!

  • Rachel Malone

    What a cute idea!!! Wonderful review, as always 🙂

  • Renee H.

    I love this idea! I absolutely love that any one of my kids would get to see their own face in a book. What an awesome way to motivate a child to read 🙂


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