Flipeez Review


A Special Thanks to Idea Village for sending me this cute hat to review on my blog. =)

Winter is fast approaching and my kiddos are already having to wear hats in the wee morning hours waiting for the bus. Plain hats can keep you warm but why not get your kiddo a cool hat that not only keeps them warm but they will love to wear and show off to their friends at school. =)


Flipeez hats are awesome! They are a must have for any one that loves to make others smile or for anyone that wants to wear a cool looking hat. Flipeez come in four different wonderful styles-Kitty, Monster, Puppy and Monkey(shown above). Flipeez are great for ages 4 all the way to 104! =) Each hat is unique and has tassels that you can squeeze to make the hat perform an action like open arms or wag tail. Their hats are very soft with a fleece lining and knit outer that allows one-size-fits-all flexibility.

My youngest daughter is having fun wearing her Flipeez hat. She says it keeps her head warm and she loves making the monkeys arms open. These hats are very cute and of course my other children want one now too. 😉

You can find this same hat and the others in stores like Walmart, KMart, Target and more..

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PicMonkey Collage

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  • kristen visser

    these are too cute!!!

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