FREE Chloe’s Fruit Pops using MyMixx!!!

mymixx, my savings, my mixx my savings, free, freebies, sales, deals, coupons, shaws, saturday freebie, foodLove free stuff? Now until Monday the 4th you can pick up a FREE box of Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Pops at your local Shaw’s Supermarkets by using the MyMixx My Savings app. What a perfect treat to cool down on these hot Summer days!

If you’re not familiar with My Mixx and haven’t signed up yet, you can do so here. It’s really easy to sign up on your mobile phone and you can also sign up online and clip your coupons there. At checkout just use the phone number you used to sign up for MyMixx and your coupons will automatically be deducted.

mymixx, my savings, my mixx my savings, free, freebies, sales, deals, coupons, shaws, saturday freebie, food

So what are you waiting for? Go pick out your favorite flavor and enjoy a treat! =)



  • Life as a Convert

    I’ve never ever heard of these before. This is a great way to be introduced to something new.

  • Karissa

    Got to love the free price! I’ve ever had these, now is the time!

  • Dawn gibson-thigpen

    you know i have been seeing these a lot lately. they look really tasty. would love to try

  • Erin Tracy

    Mmmmm! I love fruit popsicles. They’re so yummy. Too bad they don’t have a Shaw’s Supermarket here. I’d go check these out.

  • Marielle Altenor

    Yummy! I like free! lol I love apps that gives you coupons. Even better when they have specials like this!

  • CourtneyLynne

    Oooooo these fruit bars sound so tasty!!!!! I’m not an ice cream fan so things like this are what I like to snack on when others are digging into ice cream!

  • Heather

    Thanks! Always love to get great deals like this!

  • Brandy

    These look and sound delicious. I will have to look into buying them!

  • Chrishelle Ebner

    I wish there was a Shaw’s Supermarket near us. My family loves popsicle. I will have to give these a try even without a coupon,

  • mary

    I’m signed up with a few cash back sites. i haven’t heard of MyMixx yet. Going to check it out now.

  • Amanda Love

    Who doesn’t love free stuff especially if it’s ice cream! It an awesome deal and I don’t really want to miss it. The app sounds like an awesome app, it’s perfect if you’d love to save while grocery shopping!

  • Mike – HoneyTrek

    Oh man, I wish there was a Shaw’s near me, I would be all over that app. Thanks for sharing. Might have to try them out anyway, they look delish!

  • Jeanine

    Sounds awesome! Who doesn’t like free? and fruit pops? Delicious. I am not sure this would be available in my area but I’d love to check out My Mixx and see what its all about!

  • Ginae B. McDonald

    This is a pretty stinkin’ good deal! I’m not really one to go through such efforts even when I love the product offered.

    But, I do believe that others will! 🙂

  • Liz Mays

    The key word is FREE! That certainly perked up my attention, and I’m going to try to take advantage of this awesome deal.

  • Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    There’s nothing like a sweet ice pop during summer. Both of those flavors sound delicious, but I think I would love the chocolate one the most. I’ll look for these at the store.

  • Sarh S

    Oh, I would love to try the strawberry fruit pops! The chocolate was exciting, until I saw that it was dark chocolate. I would love to try this in milk chocolate, smooth and creamy… oh yea!

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